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Create MSI Packages AutomaticallySeamless integration with development toolsFully Customizable Through the MSI EditorAzure DevOps & GitHub Actions IntegrationMSI Silent InstallationReady-to-Use MSI Installer ThemesSCCM | Intune Integration
Create MSI Packages AutomaticallySeamless integration with development toolsFully Customizable Through the MSI EditorAzure DevOps & GitHub Actions Integration
MSI Silent InstallationReady-to-Use MSI Installer ThemesSCCM | Intune Integration
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Advanced Installer: The Ultimate MSI Installer Builder Solution

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Advanced Installer handles the complexity of MSI technology efficiently and effortlessly, allowing you to customize MSI packages through its rich GUI editor, shortening the learning curve and increasing work efficiency.

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Thanks to its monthly updates and releases, the Advanced Installer MSI Builder has been continuously optimized to deliver reliable MSI installations with fast build times.

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You can use our MSI Installer Builder to build or edit MSI packages through its intuitive interface or by using its command-line support to perform bulk MSI operations or to create MSI silent installations.

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Since Advanced Installer tightly integrates with the majority of well-known development tools, you are able to create MSI installers as part of your development process.

Advanced Installer MSI Builder Key Features

Create MSI Packages

Advanced Installer's easy to use interface allows you to quickly create MSI packages from its highly configurable GUI editor. Create valid MSI installers starting with the Freeware edition.

Advanced Installer also offers a wide range of customization options , so you can create MSI installers that perfectly match your brand and your software's needs.

At the end of the MSI creation process, you can enable Installer Analytics to learn how your customers will use your product and get useful reports and statistics about your MSI installations.

Create MSI Installer
import MSI package

Customize & Edit MSI Files

Use the MSI & MST Editor to perform quick edits to your MSI packages without having to create a new project or repackage them.

Applying MSI updates through Advanced Installer's GUI boosts productivity and reduces the risk of error when compared to manually editing each MSI table.

Additionally, you can apply the same edit operations to your package by using the command-line interface that is available for MSI packages.

If you need to migrate your project but don't have the source project, you can easily import the MSI package in Advanced Installer.

Predefined MSI Installer Themes, Multiple Languages & Dialogs

You can customize the existing install dialogs, create them from scratch or use the built-in dialogs for license agreements, gathering logon information, configuring SQL connections, and more by accessing the Dialog Editor.

Change the visual appearance of your MSI installer by selecting from more than 80 ready-to-use themes and variants, or by customizing the existing ones to match your brand identity.

Alternatively, you can change the visual appearance of your MSI installer entirely by starting it from scratch.

You also have the ability to create your MSI packages in more than 30 different languages. This enables you to ensure that your installations are meeting the audience's expectations in terms of translations, or you can simply provide them with an alternative to the language that is set as the default.

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MSI and MSIX Repackager

Repackaging EXE to MSI

Advanced Installer MSI & MSIX Repackager allows you to repackage old installers to MSIX, MSI, and APP-V.

Its powerful functionality to leverage a single repackaging session allows you to generate multiple outputs from a single project.

You can run installations on Docker Containers, Virtual Machines, Local or Remote Machines and once the installation capture is complete, you have the option to further customize the package according to your deployment needs.

MSI Wrapper | Convert EXE to MSI

Use Advanced Installer MSI from EXE(s) wizard to wrap and convert as many EXE setups as you like into single MSI installers.

The Advanced Installer wizard guides you through the process of getting your MSI installer prepared for silent deployment with step-by-step dialogs and guidance.

Convert MSI to EXE
Intune Deploy

MSI Silent Installation & Deployment

Create MSI Silent Installations through Advanced Installer's interface, MSIEXEC command line, or by using the bootstrapper.

Use Advanced Installer's built-in deployment support to automate the publishing of applications in Intune and SCCM.

You can access Intune and SCCM services through the command-line or by using the dedicated wizard available in Advanced Installer.

What makes Advanced Installer MSI Builder Different?

Efficiency Icon ICE Validation Standards

The Advanced Installer MSI Builder includes the best industry practices in accordance with ICE Validation Standards.

It performs an extensive set of validation checks in the background to make it simple for you to provide high-quality packages.

Automation GUI Automation & GUI Complementarity

Mixing automation with a powerful graphical user interface is a winning combination that will maximize work efficiency and simplify the packaging process.

Advanced Installer's powerful GUI makes it easy for users to create installation packages, shortening the learning curve. Its strong support for command-line helps you automate the manual interventions and save packaging time.

Efficiency Icon Market Responsive & Monthly Updates

Advanced Installer is updated monthly, releasing new updates and major features across all of its packaging capabilities.

The MSI Builder engine is constantly tweaked and monitored so that it can generate MSI installers that are fast, reliable, and secure.

Advanced Installer is an amazing solution that makes my job easier: I can repackage the app easily, create MST files for MSI files, deploy them through MDT or SCCM and even add customizations to the original app.


Nikolis A. | Senior Designer

“Great Customized Installer, Highly recommended.”

Michael W. | Subject Matter Expert

”Scalable installers from simple to custom complex.”

Jonathan M. | Subject Matter Expert

“Powerful Software for Solid System Packaging and Management”