Advanced Installer 12.6 Release Notes

On December 8th, 2015 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 12.6 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

The 12.6 release further refines our App-V support. We've made it faster for you to convert standard packages to App-V with a redesigned wizard and also extended our support for COM objects inside App-V packages.

Additional single-click, ready-to-use Predefined Prerequisites were added, together with many other time-saving enhancements and fast fixes.

New features
  • Wizard for sequencing an existing application for App-V virtualization
  • Support to enable "Browser Helper Objects" in App-V 5.x packages
  • Predefined dialog for SQL Server connections
  • "Run Windows PowerShell Script From File" predefined custom action
  • Predefined launch condition for "SQL Server Express 2014 SP1"
  • Predefined launch condition for "SQL Server Express 2008 R2 SP3"
  • Predefined launch condition for "SQL Server Express 2008 SP4"
  • Predefined launch condition for "PowerShell 5.0"
  • Predefined prerequisites for "SQL Server Express with Tools 2014 SP1"
  • Predefined prerequisites for "SQL Server Express 2014 SP1"
  • Predefined prerequisites for "SQL Server Express LocalDB 2014 SP1"
  • App-V Editor UI improvements
  • Predefined control event for refreshing dialogs
  • Support to duplicate an existing dialog
  • Option to show the registry entries that define COM objects in the Registry page
  • Option to mark registry entries as 64-bit
  • Support to convert absolute paths from firewall import application rules to project paths
  • Support to enable/disable Trusted Connection (Windows integrated authentication) for SQL Scripts
  • CLI support to add/delete UpgradeCodes in the Upgrades page
  • CLI support to set/get Repository path
  • CLI support to add filter options to Synchronized Folders
  • CLI support to specify the overwrite behavior when adding a file
  • CLI support to update Path Variables
  • Updated "Adobe Flash Player 18 ESR" prerequisites to latest version
  • Updated "Adobe AIR" prerequisite to new major version 19
  • Updated "MySQL Server 5.5" prerequisites to latest version 5.5.46
  • Updated "SQL Server Native Client 2008" prerequisites to SP4
  • Updated "SQL Server ODBC Driver 11" prerequisites to 2014 SP1
  • Updated "SQL Server Native Client 2008 R2" prerequisites to SP3
  • Updated "Visual Studio Tools for Office 4.0 Runtime" prerequisite to latest revision 10.0.60724 that includes support for Visual Studio 2015
Bug fixes
  • Editing an App-V package does not change machine and user config files anymore
  • Fixed crash when loading Repackager capture files with invalid TypeLibs
  • Full suite of MSI /q switches was not supported by the EXE bootstrapper
  • The boostrapper "Extract Location" was reset when using the "Test Installation UI" option
  • "UpdateFeaturesInstallStates" predefined custom action did not work correctly
  • "Close Application" custom action failed under certain circumstances
  • Imported registry values weren't resolved to the formatted file references
  • The default values of the checkbox controls attached properties were not updated
  • In certain conditions Enhanced UI was not used on uninstall even when set to "Always"
  • Install progress for "Configuring Internet Information Services" did not work
  • Features conditioned by UI Properties misbehaved on ConfigureDlg
  • "Test Installation UI" was not running SQL Browse and IIS Browse functionality
  • Icon paths were not converted to use path variables
  • Java Memory Percentage options were broken for Mac OS -> OracleVM builds
  • Updates localization options were lost when set for an empty field
  • The Updater service configuration custom action failed when a property was referenced in the name field of the updater service
  • Updater showed incorrect messages in the tray
  • Merge Module search failed when using a property formatted reference
  • Visual Studio Extension failed to correctly identify the project references
  • ODBC resources included in merge modules were not removed on uninstall
  • TeamCity plugin data validation failed when Advanced Installer was not installed on server
  • Fixed "Do not overwrite existing files" option
  • Global prerequisite searches failed to detect domain controller servers
  • Fixed download links for "Apache Tomcat" prerequisites
  • Fixed supported Windows versions for all "SQL Server Express" prerequisites