Advanced Installer 5.1 Release Notes

On July 12th, 2007 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 5.1 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

The 5.1 version adds support for sequencing patches, specifying custom connection strings for running SQL Databases Integration, configuring different install parameters per each build and the ability to permit selecting the language when installing multi-language packages.

The Repackager gets improved scan filters, support for applications requiring reboot, snapshot diff export and comparison. An option to wait for other operations before continuing was added, allowing repackaging multiple installs into a single one.

Two major new time-saving enhancements are searching and editing multiple components and features at the same time and the ability to recognize hard-coded paths and replace them with Windows Installer properties when importing from Registry or INI files.

New features
  • Patch Sequencing
  • Language selection in bootstrapper for multi-language installers
  • Support configuring different "Install Parameters" for each build
  • Custom SQL connection string
  • Replace hard-coded paths with properties when importing from registry or INI files
  • Support repackaging applications that require reboot
  • Better scanning filters for Repackager (file & registry filters)
  • Added option to wait for other operations before continuing repackaging
  • Comparing and exporting the diffs between saved system snapshots in Repackager
  • Search panel for Organization view
  • Easy multi-edit of common Component and Feature properties (search-based)
  • Configurable LZMA archive parameters: dictionary and word sizes
  • Associating a Synchronized Folder with a Feature
  • Ability to fully customize the built-in Advanced Installer upgrade rules
  • "Feature" and "Folder" columns in the Merge Modules view
  • Formatted field for Prerequisite command line
  • INI file and shortcut import dialogs
Bug fixes
  • Exception in assembly table when the key file of an assembly was deleted
  • Files embedded in EXE not deleted at end of build
  • Issues sharing folders on German OS
  • Bootstrapper registering itself to "Run at start up" too early
  • SetPackageName command forcing the user to specify a build name
  • Project not marked as modified after importing REG file
  • RTF files larger than 4KB were not displayed correctly
  • Option to not delete extracted prerequisites not written in INI with the correct value
  • Wrong Media sequence for folder-based and LZMA projects with files excluded from build
  • Permissions not created for a registry key if "Create at install" or "Delete at uninstall" were not checked