Advanced Installer 5.2 Release Notes

On August 21st, 2007 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 5.2 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

The 5.2 version adds support for installing Control Panel Applets, nested IIS Virtual Directories and many other smaller features and enhancements.

This release also focuses on polishing Advanced Installer's interface and functionality by optimizing data handing, fixing numerous non-critical bugs and solving various minor issues and irritations throughout the product for an even better installer authoring experience.

New features
  • Installing Control Panel Applets
  • Nested IIS Virtual Directories
  • Ability to choose Java Products for Mac builds allows per-OS configurations
  • Option to always overwrite installed file with the one included in package
  • Improved default search criteria for .NET Framework prerequisites
  • Support for folder references in Condition Editor
  • "Impersonate installing user" configurable flag for SQL Scripts
  • "DisableRegistryReflection" configurable component attribute
  • Option to create only the multi-language build
  • Enhanced Search in Organization view
  • Prompt when deleting a folder referenced from another component
  • ODBC File DSN import support
  • Ability to install content in Parent Folder
  • C# example code to integrate the Updater in C# applications
  • Saving toolbar and status bar states
  • Ability to specify error behavior when a user or a group is found already installed
  • When adding an image to a patch invalid chars should be replaced with valid ones
  • "Open" context-menu item for files in the Files and Folders view
  • Configurable updater configuration file extension
  • Reuse driver Feature when the driver is re-added to the Drivers view
Bug fixes
  • Per Machine Only option wasn't set correctly
  • Invalid Summary Info for multilingual MSI packages
  • Bootstrapper failed to check for available free space before extracting files
  • Feature and Component views not flushed when changing the view from left menu
  • Issues converting MSI properties from older projects to multi-build values
  • Invalid attribute values in Dialog Properties list crashed the application
  • Issues extracting registration info from native libraries
  • Repackager profile manager should not allow profiles with the same name
  • Fixed predefined launch conditions for Windows x64
  • Couldn't un-check "Create (if absent) at install" option in Registry view
  • Empty registry key removed automatically after a drag & drop operation
  • After loading, can't Run an unbuilt project that has a last build saved in Registry
  • Bootstrapper was not completely silent with flag set
  • Build failed with both users and groups in the Users and Groups view
  • Fixed IIS detection mechanism on 64-bit machines
  • The file component should be selected by default in the "File Duplicate" dialog
  • Issue in the Properties list in Dialog Editor
  • MSM projects always rebuilt even if up to date
  • LZMA packages did not add extraction folder to SOURCELIST
  • Prerequisite install condition not working under certain conditions
  • Repackager profiles not properly saved to disk when modified from wizard
  • Shortcut Drag & Drop crash
  • Installer ShortcutDlg did not apply selection to shortcuts from merge modules
  • Malformed command line error if the builds list was not specified for a Build command
  • Two registry keys with the same name could be created
  • Conditions for excluded features were not excluded from build
  • Issues with .inf files containing multiple .cat files with the same name
  • Project modified state cleared when it should be modified
  • Renaming feature or component in Organization resets unsaved properties
  • Driver entry not removed from build when removing its Feature
  • Prevent building CABs which will be larger than 2GB
  • Issues importing registry hives
  • Can't remove a secondary file in COM+ view
  • Can't build project with only one folder
  • Issues passing command line arguments to msiexec.exe through Repackager Wizard
  • Paste, Copy and Cut keyboard shortcuts not working in identifier fields
  • Selected item from Dialog tree can't be changed from keyboard