Advanced Installer 6.2 Release Notes

On March 6th, 2008 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 6.2 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

The 6.2 version focuses on further shortening the time required to create new MSI installers. Import your existing Eclipse projects for your Java products, take advantage of the new wizards to quickly create unified 32/64-bit installers, save ready-to-use templates for your future projects.

Additional Prerequisites and launch conditions are readily defined to be included in your installers with just a mouse click: .NET Framework 3.5, Adobe Acrobat Reader and the new service packs for Windows XP (SP3), Vista (SP1) and Server 2008.

A powerful import feature can handle both MSI installers and MSM merge modules allowing you to open and edit completed, third-party packages for further easy customization in Advanced Installer before deployment.

New features
  • Importing Eclipse projects into For Java projects
  • Importing merge modules into new or existing projects
  • Importing MSIs into existing projects
  • Template projects
  • Ability to define Searches per each build
  • Ability to define Launch Conditions per each build
  • Wizard for creating new features
  • Wizard for creating unified 32/64-bit packages
  • Predefined .NET Framework 3.5 launch condition and prerequisite
  • Predefined Acrobat Reader prerequisite and launch condition
  • Newly released OS Service Packs launch conditions
  • Serbian language localization
  • Catalan language localization
  • MSI-like wizard-style bootstrapper UI with customizable dialog and banner images
  • Bootstrapper command line for setting installation language
  • Ability to merge 64-bit merge modules into mixed 32/64-bit packages
  • LZMA Installer Compression enhancements and updates
  • Command line getter for Property values
  • Better file search
  • Increased Updater connection timeout
  • Better Organization search toolbar
  • Maintain old component attributes when a file is moved into a new component
  • Support Modify/Repair from "Add/Remove Programs" on packages using bootstrapper
  • Expose additional Windows Installer reboot options
  • Automatically add ProcessorArchitecture attribute for .NET 2.0+ assemblies
  • Post more client collected information for server-side serial number validation method
  • Sample JSP script for server-side serial number validation
  • Ordering SQL connections
  • Friendlier feature view in the Organization page
  • Tabbed project types in "New Project" dialog
  • Replace shortpath with a file reference when using the Auto Register option
  • Auto detect 64-bit binaries and flag their components as such
  • Replaced the localization button with context menu item
Bug fixes
  • Autorun should not run the installation if the application is already installed
  • JRE bundle folder removal was not deleting everything
  • Updater showing "Download Complete" in the tray even when an error occurred
  • Exception when pressing Shift+F4 while "Product" is selected in "Organization" page
  • Corrected updater German translation
  • User groups not recognized on systems with languages other than English
  • Bootstrapper interpreted filenames with brackets as properties, setting empty names for the files
  • Files are moved from their feature when a shortcut to them was created
  • Select Language dialog shown in silent installations
  • Control table not generating unique control names
  • Move down (Shift+down) in the "Media" view losing focus after first usage
  • Use current feature when adding files into a directory from "Files and Folders" view
  • Feature ID is not saved when a new feature creation was triggered
  • Empty strings in project language should not be translated in additional languages
  • At Run from the IDE after a change, projects with "Create only multilingual package" won't uninstall the older package
  • Renaming a Java Product doesn't mark the project as modified
  • Switching from Java Product -> Virtual Machine Tab modifies the project
  • Project marked as modified when leaving Edit File dialog
  • Reset button disabled when adding an invalid icon to a Java Product
  • Referred Java Products can be deleted
  • Crash adding a Java Product with the same name as an existing INI file
  • Problems using the Dialog Repository with AI built-in dialogs
  • Dialog Editor crash renaming user dialogs with predefined names (AI Built-in dialog)
  • Do not remove unreferenced dialogs, move them to a special folder instead
  • The PIDTemplate property did not refresh itself correctly after changes in the Serial Validation page
  • Installs with Pack200 may fail on target machines with JRE versions higher than 1.5 and lower that the version used when the package was created
  • Changing a synchronized folder's source folder ignores new files with the same name as old files from the same folder