Advanced Installer 6.3 Release Notes

On May 7th, 2008 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 6.3 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

The 6.3 version delivers tremendous time-saving features for game developers: one-click integration in Windows Vista's Games Explorer and registration in Windows Media Center.

Also new is an advanced, full-control mode for media volumes and CAB archive settings, allowing you to finely tune the way your products are compressed, packaged and delivered to your customers.

You can quickly convert your existing Microsoft Visual Studio Setup projects to Advanced Installer using the new addition to its powerful import capabilities.

New features
  • Full Windows Games Explorer integration and Media Center registration support
  • Importing Visual Studio Setup projects
  • Authoring patches in form of downloadable EXE files
  • Another new addition full customization capabilities for media volumes and CAB archives in advanced mode
  • Aero Wizard style on Vista for Updater
  • Repeat support for Scheduled Tasks
  • Predefined Java Runtime Environment launch condition
  • Predefined Custom Actions for handling data in ListBox and ComboBox controls
  • New Build Content tab for at-a-glance build reports
  • Status page displayed in Bootstrapper when prerequisites searches are performed
  • Command Line option to specify languages to be included in the package
  • Sandbox testing of Prerequisite conditions
  • Building packages only in a specified language
  • Ability to add and configure merge modules in the Mixed 32/64 package wizard
  • Ability to configure "Start Type" combo box for services in merge modules
  • Creating IIS Web Application Mappings with external script processor files
  • Prerequisite integrity check is now optional
  • Ability to use environment variables in prerequisite URLs
  • Simplified adding files to firewall exceptions list
  • Default component for a new INI entry is the component of the previous entry
  • Creating multilingual packages without the base language
  • Updated OS lists for the launch conditions of a prerequisite
  • Configurable login timeout for an SQL Connection
  • Managing per-build properties through the command line
  • Conditioning the creation of scheduled tasks
  • File extraction progress in bootstrapper
  • Registry values and keys can be copied in the "Registry" page
  • Custom action view help page now differs with the selected custom action's type
  • It is now possible to use "/exenoui" or "/exebasicui" with "/exelang" in Bootstrapper
  • Bootstrapper MSI command line supports environment variables, registry values and system Windows folders
Bug fixes
  • The most recent project was loaded when double-clicking an AIP file
  • PNG images from an ICO not converted correctly when set as the icon of an EXE
  • Mouse wheel not working in the left menu
  • Setup reboots with wrong command line if run from CD
  • 'ProcessorArchitecture' attribute not detected correctly for x86 managed C++ assemblies
  • Empty property not resolved correctly when used by itself in a formatted string in AI support custom actions
  • Acrobat Reader launch condition not saved properly after a build
  • A.I. registry key uninstalled by packages with users and groups
  • Bootstrapper not returning to its caller the msiexec return code
  • Exception trying to edit the "AI_ViewReadme" or "AI_LaunchApp" control event
  • If you have the side by side option set and you use the command line to increase the version, the GUIDs of the components were not regenerated
  • Bundled JRE dialog always marked project as modified
  • When deleting a patch image and adding a new one, the path of the new image still pointed to the old image
  • The default registry path for HKEY_USERS has been changed to HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\[Manufacturer]\[ProductName]
  • Crash calculating free space in Bootstrapper on WindowsNT 4.0
  • Changing CurrentBuild doesn't mark project as modified
  • Some dialogs always marked project as modified
  • Exception editing a Control Event linking the UI chain from a second referencing location
  • Imported XML files not removed from the target machine during rollback
  • More consistent handling of invalid icons throughout the application
  • If an old version project was saved twice the back-up file was overwritten with the converted project
  • When all features were excluded from some builds the MAC OS build was considered empty (even if wasn't) and it was not built
  • When checking and unchecking "Extract registration information from native library" option for a file, some registry keys will be left under HK_Classes_Root\CLSID
  • For PostgreSQL, the "Create database if it does not exist" option caused an error during database SQL deployment
  • Temporary files having the same name and using the same property were not removed after installation
  • ".NET Installer Class Action" custom actions not displayed correctly when a merge module AIP file was opened
  • Single-line Smart Edit controls should not accept multiple lines from the clipboard
  • Values from scanned root registry key were ignored when repackaging installations
  • The icon size in the left pane not remembered when creating new projects
  • Duplicate ProgID's were allowed by the modification of some properties
  • Installation failing when having a dialog that contains a radio button group with two radio buttons with the same value
  • SQL Server did not execute all statements in a large SQL script batch file executed as a whole, while returning SUCCESS
  • Crash when editing the DoAction Control Event from the [Next] button on the UserRegistration dialog
  • Combobox, ListBox and ListView controls were not allowed to have the same attached property
  • Windows Installer properties in a merge module had the MSM GUID appended to them
  • Prevent importing MSI files containing shortcuts with invalid targets
  • Crash when loading a Visual Studio project with an expired evaluation period
  • Updates project output path not correctly calculated for defaults