Native Java LauncherNative Launcher

Make a native launcher for your Java applications and customize the process name, file name, icon, version, splash-screen, JRE/JDK detection and selection, user-friendly error handling.

Windows Installer installersWindows Installer

Standard installation technology on MS Windows. Enjoy total OS integration and powerful features like patches, auto-repair, Group Policy deployment and more.

Mac OS X application bundlesMac OS X

From the same familiar IDE, create standard and native application bundles for your Java products to be installed on Mac OS X computers. No Mac is necessary.

Native installers for Java applications100% native

Create packages containing only native code and technologies. Ensure the smallest footprint, no overhead and the tightest platform integration for your installers.

JRE/JDK bundles and prerequisitesJRE/JDK prerequisite

Bundle a JRE with your product or check if the right JVM is present on the target machine and, if necessary, download and install it.

Import Eclipse ProjectsImport Eclipse

Point Advanced Installer's Wizard to your Eclipse project and it will instantaneously create and configure your installer and necessary Java launchers.

Strong CompressionCompression

Dramatically reduce the size of your install packages using the powerful LZMA algorithm and optional Pack200 packing for your JAR files.

Specify JVM parametersJVM parameters

Easy to use GUI to edit runtime options, initial and maximum memory heap and stack sizes, system properties, VM command line and other parameters.

64-bit support64-bit

Build 64-bit installers with native 64-bit Java launchers able to load your application into discovered (or bundled) 64-bit JREs.

Install ServicesServices

Quickly and easily create, package, install and run Win32 services written in Java just like native Windows services.