Migrate to the MSIX package standardPackage Support Framework

Migrate to the MSIX package standard by using the built-in support for the Package Support Framework.
Since 15.5

Update and extend MSIX packagesMSIX Modification Packages

Extended and update your MSIX packages. Decouple your main application package from its updates, speed up Windows 10 updates.
Since 15.3

Build MSIX packagesMSIX Packaging

Build MSIX packages from your existing projects. Get your desktop application in the Windows Store.
Since 15.1

Installer AnalyticsInstaller Analytics

Track and monitor your setup packages.
Learn how your users install, upgrade or remove your applications.
Since 12.0

App-V 5.0 EditorMicrosoft App-V Editor

Open existing App-V 5.x packages with Advanced Installer, edit and save the changes from a friendly GUI.
Since 11.9

ThinApp ImportThinApp Import

New project type to help you create installation packages from existing ThinApp project folders.
Since 11.9

IIS BrowseIIS Browse

Let the installing users view and select available Application Pools, Web-Sites or Virtual Directories on IIS Server.
Since 11.8

Microsoft App-V 5.0 Packages ImportMicrosoft App-V Import

Create installation packages by importing existing App-V 5.x packages, the latest virtualization technology from Microsoft.
Since 11.8

SQL BrowseSQL Browse

Retrieve a list of PCs on the local network which are running MS SQL Server and get information about instances or databases.
Since 11.7

Create AppX packagesImport/Create AppX

Package your applications for next generation deployment in Windows 8 and beyond with AppX.
Since 11.5

Test in Virtual MachineTest in VM

Avoid damaging your local machine when testing the installation by running it in a provisioned virtual machine.
Since 11.5

Support for publishing Web Applications using Microsoft Web Deploy.Microsoft Web Deploy

Publish Web Applications to Microsoft Azure and IIS from installers using Microsoft Web Deploy.
Since 11.4

100% Team Foundation Server supportTeam Foundation Server

With Advanced Installer's full support you can benefit from TFS as the back end for your integrated development environment.
Since 11.4

Support for deploying setups as SCCM applications for SCCM 2012SCCM 2012

Upgrade to SCCM 2012 with Advanced Installer's out-of-the-box support for deploying setups as SCCM applications.
Since 11.3

Support for SQL Server Reporting ServicesSQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

Upload reports, datasets or data sources to an instance of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.
Since 11.3

Windows Server Roles supportWindows Server Roles

Advanced Installer simplifies how you install roles on the server and lets you install multiple roles at one time.
Since 11.2

Support controlling Hyper-V instances from RepackagerControl Hyper-V instances from Repackager

Choose between performing captures either on development machines or Hyper-V virtual machines.
Since 11.1

Support for deploying setup packages to SCCMSCCM deployment support

Connect remotely to your SCCM server and deploy packages without leaving Advanced Installer's GUI.
Since 11.0

Import IntelliJ IDEA Java projectsIntelliJ IDEA

Powerful wizard employed to help you create installation packages by importing IntelliJ IDEA workspaces.
Since 11.0