Migrate to the MSIX package standardPackage Support Framework

Migrate to the MSIX package standard by using the built-in support for the Package Support Framework.
Since 15.5

Update and extend MSIX packagesMSIX Modification Packages

Extended and update your MSIX packages. Decouple your main application package from its updates, speed up Windows 10 updates.
Since 15.3

Build MSIX packagesMSIX Packaging

Build MSIX packages from your existing projects. Get your desktop application in the Windows Store.
Since 15.1

Installer AnalyticsInstaller Analytics

Track and monitor your setup packages.
Learn how your users install, upgrade or remove your applications.
Since 12.0

Create AppX packagesImport/Create AppX

Package your apps for next-generation deployment in Windows 8 and beyond with AppX.
Since 11.5

Windows Installer authoring toolWindows Installer-based

Using from the very beginning the standard Windows installation engine. Extending and enhancing functionality in approved ways. No strange scripts or 3rd-party engines.

Build valid MSI packagesVerified MSI

Each written and unwritten Windows Installer rule, recommendation and best practice is carefully followed. Pre- and post-build checks and validations.

Build multiple installerMultiple Installer Builds

Build multiple installer variants from a single project effortlessly creating different packages customized for your various deployment scenarios.

Import into MSIsImports

A unique number of import converters: from Visual Studio, InstallShield LE, WiX, Eclipse, Inno Setup, NSIS and regular MSI/MSM packages. Why duplicate work?

Windows Firewall IntegrationWindows Firewall

Add your application, or required ports, on the exceptions list during installation, and remove it during uninstallation.

Mixed 32/64-bit installersMixed 32/64-bit installers

Wizard-driven ability to author single, unified installers that run as 32-bit on 32-bit and as 64-bit on 64-bit platforms. Why make your users choose?

Build Mac OS X application bundles for your Java productsMac OS X for Java

From the same familiar IDE, create standard, native application bundles for your Java products to be installed on Mac OS X computers. No Mac is necessary.

Smart detections and completionsSmart detections and completions

Auto-detect dependencies, Main class in JARs, .NET assembly attributes, ODBC params and much more. Simplify creation and ensure your installer's correctness.

Visual editing for MSIFormatted fieldsSmart Formatted Editing

Editing (MSI)Formatted fields offers reference auto-completion, syntax and error highlights and resolved value hints. Never guess again.

Enhanced MSI user interfaceEnhanced UI

A rewritten native, MSI external UI implementation offering updated and additional controls. Windows 7/Vista look, integrate HTML, advanced themes.

Test-run searchesTest Searches

Test Windows Installer searches on the spot, while designing, seeing results and correcting any errors immediately. Why wait?

ISO 19770-2Software Identification Tag

The simplest way to implement ISO 19770-2 standard compliance in your software products.

Add-in Installer TemplatesOffice Add-ins

Easily create installers for popular software platform extensions, plug-ins and add-ins using the included specialized templates.

EXE to MSI Convert EXE installers to MSIs

Powerful wizard will convert any EXE setup into an MSI ready for network deployment through Active Directory.