Digital SignaturesDigital Signatures

Digitally sign included files and any generated file (launcher, stub, helper) or archive. Authenticate your products and gain your customer's trust.

LZMA CompressionLZMA

Dramatically reduce the size of your install packages and bandwidth costs for internet-distributed software compressing then with the powerful LZMA algorithm.

Command Line InterfaceCommand Line Interface

Build or modify your installer using our extensive range of CLI commands. Customize and automate your build process in unattended scripts.

Software PrerequisitesPrerequisites

Detect if applications, frameworks, and run-times need to be installed on your user's computer, then download and install as required.

Software UpdaterUpdater

Automatically check for, downloads and install patches and updates. Elegant, unobtrusive. Wizard driven, extremely easy to configure and use.

Predefined Custom ActionsPredefined Actions

Ready to use, Windows Installer compliant Custom Actions will help your installers to list SQL or IIS servers, check TCP ports, play audio files and much more.

Visual Dialog EditorDialog Editor

WYSIWYG edit existing installer dialogs or build new ones from scratch. Save dialog templates and reuse dialogs between projects. Full billboard support included.

Native Java LauncherNative Java Launcher

Fully integrate Java programs as fist-class Windows applications or services. Detect and select JREs and JDKs. Offer your user meaningful guidance when errors appear.

Web-Based InstallersWeb-Based Installers

Launch from an URL, download&install prerequisites or additional components as needed. Check the latest version online, apply any updates or patches.

Custom ActionsCustom Actions

Extend your installers with your code. Execute DLL functions, EXEs, .NET classes, JavaScript or VB Scripts during install, uninstall or maintenance.