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Windows (Embedded) CE is a modular, real-time operating system intended for resource-constrained devices and embedded systems. The core Windows CE OS has served as the foundation of several classes of devices and platforms, including Handheld PC Professional, Microsoft's AutoPC, Pocket PC and SmartPhone to name a few.

Windows Mobile represents a subset of platforms based on the Windows CE foundation. Currently, the main Windows Mobile platforms are represented by Pocket PC (now called Windows Mobile Classic), Pocket PC Phone Edition (Windows Mobile Professional) and SmartPhone (Windows Mobile Standard).

Windows CE core OS releases and platforms summary

OS CorePlatformsCodename
Windows CE 1.0Handheld PC 1.0Pegasus
Windows CE 1.01 (1.0a)Handheld PC 1.01 (Japanese Language Update)-
Windows CE 2.0 (Alder)Handheld PC 2.0Mercury
Handheld PC 2.0 (Japanese language edition)Mercury
Windows CE 2.01 (Alder SP)Palm-size PC 1.0 (monochrome displays)Gryphon
Auto PC 1.0Apollo
Windows CE 2.10 (Alder EP)--
Windows CE 2.11 (Birch)Palm-size PC 1.1 (Chinese Language Update)Orion
Palm-size PC 1.2 (western Palm-size PC release)
(Successor to Gryphon)
Handheld PC Professional 3.0Jupiter
Windows CE 2.12 (Birch EP/SP2)Auto PC 2.0Goldeneye
Microsoft TV-
Windows CE 3.0 (Cedar)Pocket PC 2000Rapier
Handheld PC 2000Galileo
Pocket PC 2002Merlin
Pocket PC 2002 Phone EditionMerlin Phone
SmartPhone 2002Stinger
Windows CE for Automotive 3.0Thunderball
Windows CE for Automotive 3.5Moonraker
Windows CE .NET 4.0 (Talisker)--
Windows CE .NET 4.10 (Jameson)Smart DisplaysMira
Windows CE .NET 4.20 (McKendric)Windows Automotive .NET 4.2-
Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PCOzone
Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC Phone EditionOzone
Windows Mobile 2003 for SmartPhoneOzone
Windows CE .NET 4.21Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition for Pocket PCOzUp
Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition Pocket PC Phone EditionOzUp
Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition for SmartPhoneOzUp
Windows CE 5.0 (Macallan)Windows Mobile for Portable Media CentersMedia2Go
Windows Automotive 5.0-
Networked Media Device (NMD) Feature PackTomatin
Windows Mobile for Automotive 1.0-
Windows Embedded NavReady 2009-
Windows CE 5.1Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PCMagneto
Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC Phone EditionMagneto
Windows Mobile 5.0 for SmartPhoneMagneto
Messaging and Security Feature Pack for Windows Mobile 5.0 (AKU2)-
Windows CE 5.2Windows Mobile 6 ClassicCrossbow
Windows Mobile 6 ProfessionalCrossbow
Windows Mobile 6 StandardCrossbow
Windows Mobile 6.1 Classic-
Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional-
Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard-
Windows Embedded CE 6.0 (Yamazaki, formerly Cardhu)Microsoft Auto 3.0-
Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2Microsoft Auto 3.1-

The following article might help to get a good understanding about the various platform names:


  • Wceload tool
    A brief description of the Wceload tool that installs CAB packages on a target device.
  • The %CEn% Directory Macros
    A description of the %CEn% directory macros which are resolved to standard Windows Mobile/CE directories at install time.
  • Custom Setup DLL
    Description of the SetupDLL used to perform custom actions when a CAB package is installed on a target device.
  • XML Provisioning
    A brief description for OMA Client Provisioning XML files.
  • Known issues and limitations
    A description for the known issues and limitations of the Windows Mobile/CE CAB format as well as the platform itself.