IT Pro

Learn and take full advantage of all the technologies offered by Advanced Installer for IT professionals.


  • Repackager
    The Repackager converts your application installer into a new packaging format (MSI, MSIX/APPX, APP-V).
  • App-V Editor Project
    Editing App-V 5.x packages using Advanced Installer
  • MSI Quick-Edit
    This MSI editing tool allows you to edit MSI packages directly in the Advanced Installer GUI without having to rely on an intermediate project file.
  • MSIX Editor
    Open and edit MSIX files in Advanced Installer.
  • MSIX Tweaker
    Command line tool to edit MSIX packages
  • MSIX Troubleshooter
    MSIX Troubleshooter helps you find the cause for which an MSIX or APPINSTALLER or MSIXBUNDLE package fails to install.