MSI Packaging Training Book - Practical guide for all packaging professionals


MSI Packaging Training Book

We are so proud to announce Alex Marin’s brand new work: the MSI Packaging ebook - visit the link to get your free copy.

Practical guide for all packaging professionals

MSI Packaging Training Book is a practical guide for software engineers who want to use MSI software for faster and more effective application packaging and deployment.

In his book, Alex combines theoretical concepts with real-life application packaging scenarios. His unique approach stems from his nearly two decades of experience as an IT engineer and packaging lead in enterprises. He has managed a huge number of end-users and has much to share about and with the industry.

MSI Packaging Training Book

The 200-page MSI Packaging resource covers:

  • What is Windows Installer and what are the tools to use for application packaging
  • What is the structure of a Windows installer package
  • Scenarios for “How to create MSIs“ in practice
  • How to capture / re-package EXE installations
  • MSI Transform files (MST): how to create and use them
  • How to create Patches (MSP)
  • How to create Suite installations
  • How to approach the debugging and testing of the MSI

Grab your free copy of MSI Packaging Training Book now.

Since the first release of Advanced Installer, our goal has been to democratize the application packaging knowledge. We make it our purpose to provide not just the greatest packaging tool, but also the best documentation and support. As a result, all of our documentation is available for free on our website and is regularly updated.

We have over 200.000 lines of material in our support documentation, hundreds of industry-focused blog pieces, over 300 videos on our YouTube channel, and a plethora of free tools and publications (MSIX Succinctly, MSIX Packaging Fundamentals, MSI Packaging).

We've taken another step forward in our journey with Alex's book. You no longer need to spend thousands of dollars to learn how the most commonly used software packaging and deployment technology works; you can do it all for free by using this book.

We hope you find it as useful as we intended it to be. Please share your feedback by commenting in the section below.

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