Important Changes in 13.2 Bootstrapper and Prerequisites Functionality


Starting with version 13.2, all future versions of Advanced Installer are using a new engine to manage prerequisites installations, multiple language and multiple instances support.

This new engine is based on the Enhanced UI engine from Windows Installer, thus it allows you to customize any dialog from your installation, as show in the following video.

To support this new and important feature major changes had to be implemented for the existing support we had for: prerequisites, multiple languages and multiple instances.

What has changed?

The installer packages generated with Advanced Installer 13.2 or newer will present a new UI for the end-users. You can see the dialogs in Dialogs page, from where you can also customize them using our Dialogs Editor.

Major changes have been included for the way Pre-Install prerequisites are handled and how the language selection dialog looks, for multi-lingual packages. Make sure you re-test these areas, if used in your packages.

How should I test my package?

Since the changes are major, we highly recommend you install version 13.2 or newer, side by side with your current version of Advanced Installer. Make a copy of your projects and upgrade this copy, so you can build and test how your new installers look and behave.

Testing the new version side by side with the old one will give your team enough time to evaluate the new changes included in your installer by our new version and to decide if you want to change something in the new dialogs or not. Note, that the new dialogs are different from your previous ones.

Also, because our suite of automated and manual tests does not include all your scenarios, very rarely, some users might experience an incorrect or missing functionality. Please contact us for details in such cases.

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