Packaging Series: How to build an MSIX package for an Electron application

Written by Horatiu Vladasel · January 22nd, 2020


In this article, we went through the process of building an MSI package for an Electron application and we have delved into how to parametrize a setting within the newly created Electron MSI package.

As we all know, MSI is viewed as legacy technology, and Microsoft is now focusing on MSIX, which has been actively developed since its release in 2018 - when Advanced Installer was named The Microsoft Launch Partner for MSIX technology.

ImportantIf you are new to MSIX and want to find out more, here is an MSIX Tutorial: A comprehensive 24-chapter guide.

Let’s give this a try and see how you can package an Electron application as an MSIX so you can use it in any MSIX deployment options, depending on your environment.

The same logic applies as described in the previous article, the only difference being that, now, you must add the MSIX corresponding build before you build your MSIX package.

Let’s see how to achieve that by performing these simples steps

  1. Launch Advanced Installer.
  2. Select "Installer Project" and then click on "Create Project".
  3. Enter your product details. Product details
  4. On the left pane, browse to the "Files and Folders" page and then drag and drop the binary files to the installation directory of your Electron application (e.g. "helloworld-win32-x64" folder). Files folder
  5. Browse to the "Application Details" page and configure your application details as per your need. App details

    Additionally, you can go to the "Visual Assets" page and set an icon/logo for your Start Menu entry. Assets
  6. Browse to the "Builds" page, add the corresponding MSIX build and configure it as per your requirements, or you can use the defaults. Builds

That’s all. Now it’s your turn. You can go and build the MSIX package for your Electron application.


Packaging an Electron application as MSIX is not different from any other Win32 app.

However, please be aware that MSIX is a new, continuously developing technology, and being at its beginnings, it comes with some limitations.

If you are new to MSIX and would like to find out how it works, I recommend you check out our MSIX Tutorial: A comprehensive 24-chapter guide .

Check out this Video exploring MSIX Packaging with Advanced Installer!

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