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It has been some time since we made our last release but we haven't spent all summer at the beach. We've got some great stuff to for you and version 2.8 includes just a few, so stay tuned for more.

Export and Share

The best thing about a web app is that you have access to your data whenever you want by simply logging in. There is only one problem, you need to be logged in to see the data. So what do you do when you need to share this data with a colleague or with somebody else not working in the same company/team?

You can't give them access to your account, you don't want to add them as view only user on this account because you don't want to spend your time managing access tokens, etc…

Export PDF - easy, one click solution to export your desired data into a PDF file that now you can share with whoever you need instantly.

Pdf export

UX - Improve Continuously

A design is never perfect, that is why we always strive to improve ours. That stands for Advanced Installer and for Installer Analytics. Every small chunk that might seem irrelevant to you simply because you (as a developer) already know the app inside out, can bring huge UX improvements for the end users.

Do A/B besting, get analytics inside your app and profile your users/visitors then optimize for them. Make it easier to find an option they are looking for, to sign up for your service (this one is critical) or to easily view his data as we did in the last release, with our responsive UI improvements.

Responsive menu

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