Free Subscription for Installer Analytics


Installer Analytics is out of beta, with this release we are also announcing our free 2-month subscription.

*no credit card required

In the last couple of months our team has worked a lot on new reports to offer you the best vision on how your application gets installed. Now you can see reports for:

  • Installs
  • Uninstalls
  • Upgrades
  • Application Versions
  • Exceptions occurred during the installations
  • Machine details: OS version and architecture, language, RAM, screen resolution
  • Geographic localization of your users
  • Installed prerequisites or prerequisites already found on users' machines
  • How many installs per week/month


Many more reports are in progress as your feedback has helped us a lot in deciding what information is the most important for your products to grow.

Understanding your users is crucial for building the best product. Installer Analytics gathers all the critical data you need to make the right calls when deciding if you should stop supporting a certain OS or start localizing your GUI for a certain language, etc...

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