Which applications are ready to convert to MSIX? Are you curious?


Advanced Installer team put together MSIX-Ready -- a continuously updated collection of MSIX packaging evaluations of commonly used apps in the business environment.

Every new MSIX package we build allows us to learn more and improve the tools we build. The whole Advanced Installer team got involved.

Therefore it is only natural to share these learnings with you.

Check out the first batch of applications converted to MSIX. More is still to come.

And you can contribute with your MSIX projects - add your app evaluation here.


A collection of MSIX packaging process evaluations for the most commonly used apps

See the MSIX Ready app list

Together from the beginning

It’s been over two years since MSIX was announced as the new universal package format - the containerized solution for desktop packaging.

Have you created an MSIX package yet? Try Advanced Installer Express - the Free tool to create an MSIX installer for the app of your choice.

In October 2018, we were named Microsoft launching partners for MSIX technology being the first to support it. And, ever since, the Advanced Installer team has been continuously working to bring significant contributions to the market – supporting all IT Pros and Windows developers with practical features to help ease the transition to MSIX.

We plan a year filled with MSIX enhancements and many great features for you to use state-of-the-art technology.

Check the MSIX Ready list

The practical list of MSIX ready applications.

See the MSIX Ready app list

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The Process

MSIX is in continuous development, and even though there are still limitations that come with it, it is the future of packaging - containerized solution, secured packaging, support for all Windows applications, and much more.

Most of the applications we tested are the IT Pro tools & popular software such as KeePass, Winrar, Visual Studio Code, or VLC Media Player.

Each test includes:

  • Software and Environment details
  • Custom Scripting Requirements
  • Advanced Installer Test details
  • MSIX Packaging Tool Test details
App details

Add your MSIX project

You are very welcomed to contribute to the MSIX Ready App List!

Add your MSIX generated package by filling in your packaging details here . You will be redirected to a Google form where all the information can be added, including the download link to your package.

Your app will go through a soft review by the Advanced Installer team, and in a few days, it will appear in the MSIX Ready Catalog.

NoteIf you need to create your own MSIX packages Advanced Installer Express Edition download Advanced Installer Express.

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