MSIX Troubleshooter: A Free Tool for Debugging MSIX Installations


“Your package is not digitally signed”.. “The certificate is not installed on your machine”.. “A new package is already installed..”

We all know the pain of going through every single log file just to find the error you need to troubleshoot.

Avoid the hassle with the MSIX Troubleshooter, a new free tool to ease your way into MSIX.

The MSIX Troubleshooter is part of Advanced Installer's free tools -- and provides automatic debugging for MSIX Installations to help software engineers get a well-structured diagnosis about MSIX installation issues.

How does the MSIX Troubleshooter help you?

Since MSIX generates multiple EventLogs for each package installed on a machine, it can be difficult to manually browse through each of them to find problems.

The MSIX Troubleshooter filters through EventLogs and displays the most relevant information to help you troubleshoot possible issues.

What are the main benefits of the MSIX Troubleshooter?

Go through your MSIX transition uninterrupted, and identify the most common errors during the installation process. Here are some of the features included in MSIX Troubleshooter:

  1. Diagnosis Report: Use the Smart EventLog Filter to gather the most relevant installation issues.
  2. Checking extra issues: Such as the code signing certificate expiration date
  3. Automatic logs analysis: Structured information of the OS’s multiple logs generated for all MSIX packages.
  4. Ready-to-use diagnosis data: Avoid manually troubleshooting and reviewing long logs.

Learn more about the MSIX Troubleshooter in our dedicated page.

We'd love to hear what you think about it -- leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

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