Exploring the Package Analyzer Feature in MSIX Packaging Tool

Written by Horatiu Vladasel · January 18th, 2024

With the release of version 1.2023.1005.0, MSIX Packaging Tool has introduced a significant new feature: the Package Analyzer.

This tool is designed to analyze the MSIX Package trace log during runtime, providing valuable suggestions to fix any detected runtime issues. The Package Analyzer is beneficial for both packages converted from App-V 5 to MSIX and those created from scratch.

Now let’s see how that works in practice.

How Does the Package Analyzer Work?

To effectively use the Package Analyzer on your MSIX package, follow these steps:

1. Open your MSIX package and go to the “Package Analyzer” tab.

2. Click on the “Package Analysis” button. At this point, the tool will install your MSIX package and begin analyzing the trace log.

Package Analyzer in MSIX Packaging Tool

3. Launch your application and test as many features as possible to ensure a thorough analysis.

4. Stop the analysis. The tool will then cease the trace log analysis and offer suggestions to address any identified runtime issues.

Stop Analysis option in Package Analyzer

5. Review the suggestions. Once you have made your choices, click “Save”. The tool will create a new package that incorporates the selected fixes.

NoteRemember that MSIX package signing is mandatory, and the package gets automatically installed on your machine during the analysis process. Ensure your package is signed before moving to the Package Analyzer tab. If it's not signed, you'll encounter an error message, and the Package Analysis button will be inactive (greyed out).

Package Analyzer result view

Current Capabilities of the Package Analyzer

As of now, the Package Analyzer supports a few fixes, crucial for enhancing your MSIX packages. Let's delve into what each of these fixes means:

  • InstalledLocationVirtualization
  • SearchPathOverride
  • RegLegacyFixup (Package Support Framework)

1. InstalledLocationVirtualization: This fix is vital for applications that require access to their installation directory for reading and writing operations.

The InstalledLocationVirtualization fix helps redirect these operations to a virtualized location, ensuring compatibility and smooth functioning within the MSIX environment. This is particularly useful for legacy applications that were not originally designed for such virtualized access.

2. SearchPathOverride: The path from which an application loads its dependencies is critical for its proper functioning.

SearchPathOverride allows you to set the default search paths used by the application to locate necessary files or libraries. This flexibility can be a game-changer for applications that have specific dependencies or require a customized runtime environment.

3. RegLegacyFixup (Package Support Framework): This is part of the broader Package Support Framework, which is a toolkit to apply various fixes to your application.

The RegLegacyFixup specifically addresses issues related to registry operations. Many older applications are designed to read and write directly to the system registry, which can be problematic in the isolated MSIX container.

RegLegacyFixup allows these operations to be redirected or modified, ensuring that the application remains functional without compromising the security and integrity of the container.


Package Analyzer is a great feature and represents a big step forward for the MSIX Packaging Tool. It could be very handy for those applications that do not work as intended within an MSIX container and require further investigation.

This feature is similar and works in the same way as Advanced Installer TraceApp – which is much more robust and has been there for ages.

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