Advanced Installer 13.5 Release Notes

On December 14th, 2016 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 13.5 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

Unleash the power of UWP apps, customize your AppX package with just a few clicks, from our dedicated GUI for AppX packages.

Advanced Installer 13.5 brings you the only GUI for advanced configuration of any option from your AppX packages. Don't settle for the command line converter when you can generate both an MSI and AppX, fully customizable from our GUI, within the same project.

We're not done, many more improvements were included too, along the with usual tweaking around the existing features from Advanced Installer. Check out the full list below.

New features
  • Dedicated GUI for advanced configuration of AppX packages
  • New predefined custom action "Process Data" for string processing (with regex)
  • Predefined launch condition for "PowerShell 5.1"
  • "Add Project Output" option in Visual Studio Extension setup projects now imports all project references except Microsoft .NET Framework assemblies
  • Improved Java support to handle services without "Stop()" method
  • Support for detecting circle dependencies when scanning EXE/DLL files for dependecies
  • Improve Patch support for multilanguages MSI
  • Multiple Instances dialog forces the user to always upgrade when available
  • New command line "/RunInVm" to install packages in VM
  • Command line option to register Advanced Installer offline
  • App-V
  • App-V Editor improvements
  • Automatically detect VC++ runtimes and side by side assemblies and include them in the App-V project, when sequencing an app
  • MSI/MST Quick Editor
  • Prefer folders with files to be left unchanged in case of folder name collisions
  • Support to load predefined folders custom source names
  • Prerequisites
  • Updated "Apache Tomcat 6.0" to latest version 6.0.48
  • Updated "Apache Tomcat 7.0" to latest version 7.0.73
  • Updated "Apache Tomcat 8.0" to latest version 8.0.39
  • Updated "MySQL Server 5.5" to latest version 5.5.53
Bug fixes
  • Identity Type for Application Pools was not overwritten by custom properties
  • "NET Framework 3.5" Windows feature activation failed on Windows Server 2016
  • File dependencies were not correctly detected
  • User account folder was not deleted on uninstall
  • If no 64-bit OS was selected in the "Launch Conditions" page for a build, no other build could be set to "64-bit package" in the "Install Parameters" page
  • Setup packages that had Installer Analytics enabled failed to install on Windows XP
  • Multiple Instances dialog crashed when a product with version 8.0.0 or higher appeared in the list
  • App-V
  • App-V CLI Editor (TweakAppV) didn't show any error message when an App-V package couldn't be saved
  • Launch condition failed for App-V packages after Windows 10 Anniversary Update
  • Repackager
  • Repackager was not reconnecting with a virtual machine when it requested forced restart
  • Advanced Installer crashed when importing a RPK file that had "&" in its folder structure
  • Shortcuts were not added correctly as regular files when importing a RPK file
  • MSI/MST Quick Editor
  • Fixed crash in "New Transform" project when adding Registry Key
  • Each file size was set to 0 when editing MSI/MST files
  • Updater
  • The downloaded updates configuration file name was fluctuating when hosted on HTTPS
  • "Delete the downloaded update package file after installation" option was not working for "file://" protocol updates
  • Registry
  • Now supporting multiple encoding types when importing a REG file
  • Registry key removal did not work on uninstall for keys written in HKCU by per-machine packages
  • Custom Actions
  • "Run Inline Windows PowerShell script" custom action failed to retrieve properties with values containing single quote characters
  • Populate ComboBox and ListBox actions didn't work iteratively
  • Translations
  • Error 1624 was thrown when launching the multilingual setup in another language than the OS language
  • Multilingual projects with "Display language selection dialog" option broke Patch rules under certain circumstances
  • Prerequisites
  • Pre-Install prerequisites behind HTTP authentication were not able to prompt for HTTP credentials for downloads
  • Enhanced UI was not activated when adding prerequisites from CLI