Advanced Installer 13.6 Release Notes

On February 15th, 2017 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 13.6 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

Save time and streamline the software packaging process inside your company. The Repackager Assistant included in this release automatically creates documentation for any application you repackage.

With one click you can take screenshots of the steps performed when repackaging, helping any colleague to re-use the same settings for an update, as shown in the following video.

Interested on Desktop Bridge news? Check out our new support for auto-updating UWP apps distributed outside the Windows Store or the exclusive support for shortcut arguments in UWP apps.

We're not done, many more improvements were included too, along with the usual tweaking around the existing features from Advanced Installer. Check out the full list below.

New features
  • Repackager Assistant for recording repackager settings
  • Support for VSIX v3
  • Updater for UWP packages
  • Shortcut arguments for applications from a Desktop Bridge package
  • Support for conditioning an update install based on the target OS version
  • Testing package installations in VMs from a SYSTEM account
  • Support for specifying command line parameters when using "Run/Run in VM" commands
  • Predefined prerequisites for "Access 2016 Runtime"
  • Predefined prerequisite for "SQL Server Express 2016 SP1"
  • Predefined launch condition for "SQL Server 2016 SP1"
  • Faster VM repackaging: automatic re-usage of pre-scan VM snapshots
  • Improved UWP package IDs defaults
  • "Embedded JAR" option for Mac OS X build
  • TweakAppV improvements
  • Support to store "Check if user exists" custom action data in properties
  • Match string functionality for "Process Data" custom action
Bug fixes
  • Custom value for Publisher ID was reset to default when the AppX package wasn't signed
  • Fixed adding files with MSI Editor in packages with uncompressed summary flag
  • Fixed editing MSI packages with invalid Fonts table entries
  • Could not create MST for an MSI with long paths
  • Product Version major field accepted max value of 65,535
  • The dash character was not supported when an UNC path was used in the "Output Folder" field
  • Minimum screen resolution launch condition failed under certain conditions
  • Service Failure Operation caused Windows Installer crash
  • "Text file update" couldn't write on network location
  • "Register .NET assembly for COM interoperability" option failed for .NET DLLs
  • "New folder" option under SQL Databases did not accept free format string for folder name (e.g. spaces)
  • Fixed error involving SqlServerDlg when changing theme
  • Feature size was shown in KB when Enhanced UI was Enabled
  • Enhanced UI broke multi-line Text Input
  • The "Install MSI as minor upgrade" option did not work with "Enhanced UI" enabled
  • "Check if user exists" custom action ignored the DOMAIN_NAME property if the USER_NAME was found within the system's default domain
  • Uninstall failed due to the AI_UninstallSHFolders custom action
  • Pre-install prerequisite return value was not saved in its associated property
  • Fixed pre-install prerequisite failure logging
  • Run with Log in VM didn't show the MSI log (in the log pane) until the install finished