Packaging a Java App for Deployment on a Mac OS X

You can deploy your java application on the Mac OS X. All the Java products can be embedded in a package to be deployed on the Mac OS X. This package will be a ZIP archive that contains for every Java Product a folder with a special structure. This folder is known as a bundle. The bundle groups related resources together in one place.

Of course, not all the features that are available for a Windows application are available for the Mac OS X. For the Java products deployed on the Mac OS X the following settings are supported at this time:

  • Single or multiple Java products in one package
  • File associations
  • Java settings. Most of the settings you can specify for the Java products are supported. There are some exceptions: splash screen, JVM type and Library path are not supported.

Other settings that are available for an MSI package and are Windows Installer related, like custom actions, registry entries, environment variables etc. are not supported.

There are some Mac OS X specific settings like: Description, Minimum OS, Icon, Signature, Bundle ID and you can even specify custom properties or any other predefined application property.

Follow our video tutorial to see a basic working example:

NoteYou can enable the creation of a Mac OS package by adding a Mac OS X Build in Builds page.