Advanced Installer 4.5 Release Notes

On November 8th, 2006 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 4.5 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

Version 4.5 brings Windows Vista compatibility and support, support for database server configuration and SQL script deployment, Windows Task Scheduler, and the ability to pack features in separate CAB files for on-demand web installs. Also new is a testing tool for Windows Installer searches, a custom edit control for visually editing MSI Formatted fields and many more.

New features
  • Microsoft Windows Vista compatibility and support
  • Database server configuration and SQL script deployment for Microsoft, Oracle, Postgre and MySQL databases
  • Schedule Tasks when installing your application
  • Ability to pack features in independent CAB files for minimizing download time for online installs
  • Universal Binary on Mac with support for Intel CPUs
  • Testing tool for Windows Installer searches
  • Large file number support (over 32767 files)
  • LZMA compression option for Prerequisites
  • LZMA compression multi-core optimization
  • Reserving extra space for install costing
  • Moving, copying or duplicating files during install
  • Smart edit controls for MSI Formatted fields offering reference auto-completion, highlight, error underlines and resolved value hints
  • New pre-built MSI dialog: shortcut creation selection
  • Support for shortcut to folder in the New Shortcut wizard
  • Czech localization for Updater, Bootstrapper and Java Launcher
  • Resource Search in Organization page
  • Component renaming support
  • Option to override folder creation depending of folder content
  • Drag&Drop Merge Modules into project
  • Tooltips for Component members
  • Display the reason when digital signing fails
  • Added Windows Vista to the predefined Launch Conditions list
  • Added .NET Framework the Launch Condition list
Bug fixes
  • Allow leading zeros in version numbers
  • Create folder row for synchronized folders only when necessary
  • DVD-5 and DVD-9 default sizes too large
  • Data source import failing on Microsoft Data Access - ODBC Driver for Oracle
  • Using prerequisites bundled with AI was crashing at build
  • Packages built with Updater failed to uninstall on Vista with UAC enabled
  • LZMA Extractor DLL was not working on Vista
  • Setup wizard did not work on Vista
  • Java Library Path not working
  • Java stream redirection exception not caught