Advanced Installer 5.0 Release Notes

On June 12th, 2007 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 5.0 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

The 5.0 version greatly simplifies the task of creating MSI installers for applications already using other install engines by offering the ability to painlessly capture and repackage existing installations.

Another major development in this version is the ability to build multiple installers from a single project, allowing you to easily create different packages from a single source, customized for your various deployment scenarios.

Support for the JRockit JRE, a Browse for File predefined custom action, together with countless other enhancements and bug fixes wrap up another milestone release of the flagship Windows Installer authoring tool, Advanced Installer.

New features
  • Ability to capture and repackage existing installations into MSI packages
  • Support for building multiple, differently configured installers from a single project
  • Support for JRockit Java Runtime Environment
  • Import Shell Shortcut files when adding to an Advanced Installer project
  • Predefined custom action to select (browse for) a file during installation
  • Improvements for error displaying in bootstrapper
  • Better method to compute the size of CABs when creating multiple volumes
  • Store duplicated files only once in bootstrapper
  • Improved maximum heap size supported by Java Launcher
  • Added editable "Property" field to static text controls in dialog editor
  • Pass command line parameters to custom EXE search Prerequisites detection
  • Environment variables should find another component when theirs is deleted
  • Warn user when trying to associate EXE extension with his program
  • Support for launching URLs with "Avant Browser" in Viewer
  • Running User Accounts custom actions on Repair
  • Ability to filter files by Feature in File Picker
  • Better exposure for the Digital Signature View reflecting its increasing importance
  • Allow side-by-side installs of Advanced Installer for trying out new releases with expired license
Bug fixes
  • When Feature "Display" was changed, the Feature was removed from project
  • Empty APPDIR was not set on maintenance with the correct value
  • Exception when adding a file to the Component attached to a CreateFolder row
  • XML parser did not support escaping non-printable characters
  • Misleading Prerequisite detection message
  • Registry keys not removed from UI upon deletion in Registry View
  • Renaming a section in INI file lost entries
  • Issues regarding testing a Windows Installer search
  • The ":" separator should not be added to single-folder paths for Mac OS X installs
  • The icon for an external shortcut was not set creating from command line
  • MSIs merged with merge modules having gaps in file sequence failed to install
  • Unexpected exception in patch build
  • Move To Component operation failing for CreateFolder component members
  • Issues rolling back User Accounts custom actions
  • Possible memory leak in Java Service example
  • Command line interface failing to execute command files larger than 8KB
  • When creating an EXE package with files inside, embed all the nested MSIs
  • Exception when Updater or Java Product icon was missing
  • Bootstrapper did not test correctly for 64-bit OS for prerequisites
  • Bootstrapper remaining registered for running at start-up
  • IIS is not detected correctly in bootstrapper
  • IIS is not detected correctly on 64-bit machines
  • SQL Scripts: considering SQL_NO_DATA success instead of error
  • SQL Scripts: syntax error when using 'GO' as statement separator and the T-SQL script contains a 'GOTO' command
  • Edit Control Event Name combo did not display [PropertyName] when the user selects "SetProperty" event type
  • "Virtual directory is a web application" checkbox resetting itself when switching the Virtual Directory tab in IIS