Advanced Installer 6.9 Release Notes

On March 18th, 2009 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 6.9 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

The 6.9 release helps you build installers able to install multiple instances of a product on the same computer, avoiding conflicts through separate resource (file and registry) spaces.

The addition of an Application Pools feature completes Advanced Installer's comprehensive Web Application support covering IIS, SQL Server, SQL Databases Integration and ASP.NET.

Also new in this version is the ability to schedule image slide shows in the background during the install of your application. Together with full billboard editor, this opens up additional possibilities of branding, advertising and presenting your products during install.

New features
  • Ability to install multiple instances of the same product
  • IIS Application Pools support
  • Extensible trial period
  • Programmable image slide shows for installation background
  • Back / Next navigation in Advanced Installer's graphical interface
  • Hide Java Launcher settings from end-user
  • Unicode and DEP aware x86 licensing library
  • Ability to add permanent command line parameters for Java Products
  • "LocalAppDataFolder" property is now supported by the bootstrapper extract location
  • Option to set the working directory for a "Launch File as Administrator" predefined custom action
  • Improved detection criteria for Windows Installer 4.5 predefined prerequisites
Bug fixes
  • Path Variables dialog was hanging when a new path variable was created
  • Image paths used in Global Properties were not converted correctly
  • Add Dependency feature was allowing adding files without source
  • Context menu missing for search results in the "Organization" page
  • Creating a new property in "Module Details" page reset the Module Name and Company Name
  • Pack200 compression did not work if the package had a JRE bundle and a JRE was not installed on the target machine
  • Adding a dialog in Repository also added the dialog in the "Unused" section
  • "DoAction" control event showed Advanced Installer actions as valid arguments
  • Project (.AIP) file was not saved before build if it did not exist on disk
  • Using the "Edit Launch Condition" dialog checked the project as modified even if nothing changed
  • LZMA Extractor did not handle correctly paths with more than 256 characters
  • Crash when changing the property of a checkbox or other controls
  • Adding an already existing predefined prerequisite showed an incorrect message
  • Crash when using copy/paste for controls that have indirect text style
  • Merge modules used an incorrect message when created with a trial version of Advanced Installer
  • Files with the same name from different prerequisites overwrote each other if the prerequisites used LZMA compression
  • Pressing Ctrl + "+" in the "Files and Folders" page added a file instead of auto-sizing the columns
  • The Remove Folder icon was not refreshed if the component was deleted
  • Strings from some languages were not correctly added in the package
  • Properties which contained other property references and were used in a pseudo-formatted field were not resolved correctly if there wasn't a current build
  • "Remove" button in the "Install Parameters" was enabled even if the property list was empty
  • "Failed to get module path" error was shown by some Java Products
  • "Files" tab from "Edit Prerequisite" dialog was duplicated after adding some files
  • "Remove" button in "Serial Validation" page was enabled even if there was only one key in list