Installer Analytics brings built-in support for Uninstall Surveys


You know everything your user does on your website from the moment he loads the first page until he downloads a trial version of your application. But you don't understand why so few users buy your application.

React on user feedback and increase your retention rate.

Get Feedback

Using Installer Analytics you can now add an uninstall survey in your application with one single click. This will tell you how many people uninstall your application and why: is it too expensive? is it missing a feature? or something did not work as documented in your user guide?

You are instantly notified when an user leaves his email address in your uninstall survey, so you can contact him and try to help, if possible get him back on the trial, or get more valuable feedback.

Knowing why your users uninstall and stop using your application will help you improve it and increase your retention rates on the long run. This means only one thing: a higher LTV(user lifetime value).

Let's to do some math. Assuming you have 2k new users each year bringing you around 5M USD. If you manage to increase that by 1% (just 20 new users) you win 50k USD. That is 50k more than nothing.

But the best return on investment is on the long term, when all the feedback you received is reflected in the product you deliver, i.e. features, pricing, services. This is most of the times crucial for ensuring the product/company's survival, especially when it was recently launched on the market.

We've been analyzing uninstall feedback for Advanced Installer users for over a decade, back then we've built a dedicated support for this, but now you can do it with just a few clicks. That 1% increase in sales is obtained only by helping users that can't find a certain feature or don't know how to make it work. But you'll win much more from the feedback received, which will help improve the application constantly and gain more users.

Get more feedback, start your free trial of Installer Analytics and use our solution to grow your business.

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