Prepare for Windows 10 Anniversary Update


What's new?

On August 2nd, 2016 Microsoft has released the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. One of the most important features from this update is Project Centennial, this support allows you to easily migrate your Win32 applications to UWP, thus be able to publish the app in the Windows store, without re-writing your code.

Create UWP AppX packages using Advanced Installer

AppX packages compatible with the new format supported by the Anniversary Update can be created using our latest version.

Advanced Installer provides basic validation for your project content, thus you will always ensure your packages are 100% compatible with the latest OS requirements.

Build AppX packages from an existing project

If you already have a project in Advanced Installer, that generated an MSI or EXE, it is very easy to also generate an AppX package.

Just go to Builds page in your project and add the new build type “UWP AppX Build“. The next time you build your project it will also generate an AppX package, besides the existing MSI/EXE output.

VS integration is also available, if you add the AppX build as described above and you have the same project linked using our VS extension, the AppX package will be built automatically.

Convert legacy applications to AppX - you're not the app developer

You are interested to convert an app that was not developed by you? This is possible too, using our Desktop App Converter from the Architect edition.

Just launch Advanced Installer and from the Start Page navigate to “Convert > Desktop App Converter” then start the wizard. You will need the old installer of the application to complete this wizard.

Advanced Installer will actually launch our Repackager, this will monitor your old installation and from the captured results will generate a new project with AppX as output. Once you've generated the project, you can continue editing it from our GUI or directly generate the AppX package.

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