Monitoring Desktop Installations on Windows

Written by Bogdan Mitrache · March 4th, 2016


AnalyticsYou might think that the users downloading your application also install it. That is not true. If you want to see how many users install your application successfully you need to track the application, in this case its setup package.

Downloads vs. Installations

Only a part of the users downloading your application will install it. Installer Analytics can track exactly how many users have installed it, for how many the installation has failed due to an exception and how many of them are new users, installing it for the first time.

Uninstall Metrics

Tracking your user base growth is not easy, but very important for your business. By closely monitoring the installs and uninstalls over your entire user base you can see easily what is your retention rate.

Together with the information on the new users, this is how you can monitor your application's pulse.

Upgrades Deployment

You've got a lot of installations, but are those new or existent users? Find out many of your users can be potential new customers, do you convert enough to keep your business ahead of the competition?

Installer Analytics can report how many of your daily installations are actually upgrades from the existent user base, so you can easily focus on growing the number of new users.


Per Version Activity

Maintaining multiple versions of an application can cost your business hundreds of thousand of dollars. Use Installer Analytics to monitor which versions are more active and help your users upgrade to newer ones.

Getting more users on the newer versions allows your development team to spend more time on improving the application, make it more stable and in the end, that just means more happy paying customers.

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