Multiple Build Configurations

ImportantThe following article uses options that are available starting with the Enterprise edition and project type.

This tutorial will guide you in creating a project with multiple build configurations.

Lets suppose our product is a Java application and we need to distribute it in three different forms: one for MacOS X and two for Windows (with and without bundled JRE).

1. Add your application files to the project

Files and FoldersSelect “Files and Folders” from the “Resources” menu on the left pane and add your application files.

2. Create a new build configuration

Build Go to the Builds page by clicking on “Builds” on the left pane.

New BuildUse the [ New MSI Build ] toolbar button to add a new build configuration. Rename it "BuildWithJre". This build will contain the bundled JRE.

3. Create and configure your Java products

Java Products Go to the Java Products page by clicking on “Java Products” on the left pane page menu.

New Java ProductCreate a new Java Product by clicking on the [ New Java Product ] toolbar button and configure it as necessary.

4. Select the JRE to be bundled in the product

Java TabGo to "Settings", select "BuildWithJre" from the "Build" ribbon section and press the "Add JRE Bundle..." button to select the desired JRE.

Build With JRE

TipThis operation automatically created a new feature called "JRE Bundle" and added all JRE files to it. This feature will also be automatically marked to be included only in the "BuildWithJre" build.

Feature Builds

5. Configure build properties

Build The "DefaultBuild" build will use the default output configuration (MSI, with one cab file inside), while the "BuildWithJre" build will be configured to use LZMA compression (EXE, with all files inside). These settings will be independently configured for each of the project builds. Select a build from the "Builds" pane and then edit its properties in the "Configuration" tab.

6. Create a second feature and add files to it

Organization Go to the Organization page by clicking on “Organization” on the left pane page menu.

New FeatureUse the [ New Feature ] toolbar button to add a new feature named "SecondFeature".

In the "Feature Properties" pane choose the "Include feature only in the selected builds" option and select only the "DefaultBuild" configuration in the list.

Second Feature

7. Add a prerequisite for a build configuration

Build Prerequisites Go to the Prerequisites page by clicking on “Prerequisites” from the “Requirements” menu on the left pane.

In the "Additional Packages" pane click on [ Packages ] and select Java -> Java Development Kit.

NoteFor more information on how to set "Prerequisites" please see: Prerequisites Page - Installer Project.

From this prerequisite's context menu select "Builds..." (CTRL + B), and choose to include it only in the "BuildWithJre" build configuration.

Prereq Builds Tab

8. Configure a Mac OS X Build

Build Go to the Build page by clicking on “Build” on the left pane.

New BuildUse the [ New Mac OS X Build ] toolbar button to add a Mac OS X build configuration named "BuildMacOS". This build will contain all the Java products in the project and all the files that were selected in the Mac OS X settings tab from the Java Products.

9. Build your project

BuildYou can build all the output configurations at once or you can choose to build only a certain build configuration by selecting it in the "Build" drop-down menu.

Build Drop-down

10. Video tutorial