Advanced Installer 13.2 Release Notes

On October 6th, 2016 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 13.2 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

Start packaging for the future. Build 100% compliant UWP packages for Windows 10.

Following our UWP support for Win32 applications from version 13.0, we now introduce the updated support for packaging full UWP applications.

Define a single GUI standard for the entire installation. Starting with version 13.2 you can leverage the Enhanced UI engine to customize and render all the dialogs from your installation, check the video.

If you're working in the IT department we've got something for you. Check out the new tools for MSI Conflict Detection and the App-V 5.x command line editor. Along with many other features from Advanced Installer, these tools will save you a lot of time.

New features
  • Support to create/update AppX packages for Windows 10 native UWP apps
  • WSIWYG dialog editor and localization support for the Bootstrapper UI
  • Command Line Editor for App-V 5.x packages
  • MSI Conflict Detector tool
  • Support for SCCM 2016
  • Support for SharePoint 2016
  • VSIX package support for Visual Studio 2012/2013/2015
  • Launch Conditions
  • Predefined launch condition for ".NET Framework 4.6.2"
  • Predefined launch condition for "SQL Server Express 2012 SP3"
  • Predefined launch condition for "SQL Server Express 2014 SP2"
  • Predefined launch condition for "SQL Server 2016"
  • Prerequisites
  • Predefined prerequisites for ".NET Framework 4.6.2"
  • Predefined prerequisites for "SQL Server Express 2012 SP3"
  • Predefined prerequisites for "SQL Server Express LocalDB 2012 SP3"
  • Predefined prerequisites for "SQL Server Express 2014 SP2"
  • Predefined prerequisites for "SQL Server Express LocalDB 2014 SP2"
  • Predefined prerequisite for "SQL Server Express 2016"
  • Allow passing MSIHANDLE parameters to "Call function from standard DLL" predefined custom actions
  • Updates for Lithuanian translations in the Updater
  • Added "Feature" column for registry values in Registry page
  • Option to add detected resources (files/registry) to ignore list in the current Repackager profile after completing "Compare with original package" wizard
  • Improved Advanced Installer Visual Studio Extension outputs detection by using MSBuild detection
  • Prerequisites
  • Updated "Java 8" prerequisites to latest version 8u101
  • Updated "MySQL Server 5.5" prerequisites to latest version 5.5.51
  • Updated "SQL Server Native Client 2012" prerequisites to SP3
Bug fixes
  • XML comments were inserted in the wrong position
  • UWP build failed for imported MSI packages
  • Dialogs referencing script inline custom actions were not correctly exported to repository
  • Generated MST broke packages with uncompressed files
  • Patch digital signing failed
  • Repackager caused System32 64-bit components to get installed to SysWOW64
  • Setup process hanged with a certain EXE after the MSI installation finishes
  • Fixed Visual Studio Extension MSBuild references detection task issue
  • Importing an invalid XML file caused an orphan empty component
  • Executing a commands file (AIC) with failing commands output a success return code
  • Enhanced User Interface
  • Return code was lost during silent install
  • Fixed incompletely running GIF image problem
  • Prerequisites
  • MSI was launched for installation although mandatory global prerequisites were not installed
  • Fixed [SystemFolder] property resolution for prerequisites on 64-bit systems