Advanced Installer 4.6 Release Notes

On December 12th, 2006 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 4.6 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

The 4.6 version enhances the Windows Vista compatibility by adding support for IIS 7 and the Restart Manager. Also new for IIS is the anonymous access and authentication control (users and groups) support and a quick introductory tutorial. Other tutorials and how-to's on different topics were also added.

The Updater can now be scheduled to run from the Windows Scheduler service, thanks to the newly completed Task Scheduler integration.

A new wizard greatly simplifies the media and bootstrapper configuration, while a new Print control is available for printing RTF files from installation dialogs. The patch creation process is improved with precondition checking and reporting. Finally, numerous bug fixes and enhancements are implemented in the 4.6 version, primarily in areas of 64-bit Windows and the upcoming Vista OS.

New features
  • IIS 7 on Windows Vista support
  • Windows Vista restart manger support
  • IIS Anonymous Access and Authentication Control (User Accounts integration)
  • Added ability to schedule runs of Updater (Task Scheduler integration)
  • Simplify Patch creation by verifying and reporting preconditions on target and updated MSI
  • New Wizard for media and bootstrapper configuration
  • Support for printing RTFs during install (for Licenses, Readme files, etc.)
  • Server-side serial validation (over HTTP)
  • IIS Tutorial
  • Conditional dialog Tutorial
  • SQL Databases Integration Tutorial
  • Added option to overwrite Updater path to updates configuration file
  • Add/Remove Prerequisites command line support
  • Set updates configuration file URL command line support
  • Added Windows Installer 4.0 to Launch Conditions
  • Better clean-up on failed builds
  • Always sign the MSI, even if bundled inside bootstrapper - required on Vista
  • Improved and updated Registry View
  • Ability to append and prepend registry values
  • Added option to show digital certificate password unmasked
Bug fixes
  • 64-bit prerequisites failed to be detected when using registry search criteria
  • Uninstall failing on WinXP 64-bit when launched from bootstrapper
  • A file companion to another file cannot be key member of its Component
  • Java Launcher failing on Windows 98 and NT because of an unsupported function call
  • Bootstrapper not passing command line arguments received to msiexec.exe when running from CD with the installation files outside
  • Issues populating user-defined launch conditions list