Advanced Installer 4.7 Release Notes

On January 29th, 2007 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 4.7 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

The 4.7 version greatly improves the Windows Installer Vista User Account Control (UAC) experience with automatically added (optional) shield icons on MSI dialog buttons, the ability to digitally sign any individual file included in the installation and to configure required execution levels for executable and MSI files.

Various new features include a brand new built-in dialog for selecting the Start Menu group for installing shortcuts, additional Patch Compatibility Tests for easier patch authoring, support for MSDE installation and dialog initialization events in MSI User Interface.

The Advanced Installer application itself has been updated in many areas (including User Interface, execution level and configuration) to ensure flawless operation on Microsoft Windows Vista.

New features
  • Extended Digital Signature support to any file for friendlier UAC prompts on Vista
  • Digitally signing Java applications and the Updater by default
  • Support for Java applications with no Menu Bar or Dock icon in Mac OS X
  • Support for Dialog Initialization Events in MSI User Interface
  • New built-in dialog for selecting the Start Menu group for installing shortcuts
  • Support for MSDE installation in SQL batch scripts
  • Configurable Vista UAC requestedExecutionLevel for bootstrapper and Java Class Launcher
  • Changed Tree controls on Vista to always use native icons
  • Using appropriate theme colors and control sizes on Vista
  • Integrated Search Test in Search Wizard, as an optional final step
  • Complete support for running Advanced Installer asInvoker on Vista
  • Moved configurable Java Launcher options to locations writable on non-Admin accounts
  • Elevation Shield icon on "Install", "Repair" and "Remove" buttons last in the UI sequence (if necessary)
  • Patch compatibility test improvements for MSIs built with different authoring tools
  • Prepending user locations to the System Path environment variable of Java Products
Bug fixes
  • Bundled JRE package couldn't be rebuilt when using files outside option
  • Changing the source path of a synchronized folder left old folders from in project and did not add all new files
  • Crash when deleting the last INI from project located in APPDIR
  • Installation error for packages that include merge modules and are folder based or use LZMA compression
  • Issue processing SQL batch scripts with statement separator
  • Issue running SQL scripts with statement separator and individual statements spanning on multiple lines
  • Temporary files created for multilingual package not always deleted
  • IIS projects fail to build if there are no files in APPDIR
  • Updater failing to auto close applications on Vista
  • .NET custom action editing failing if source type of the custom action was changed
  • System variables not displayed in Environment Picker