Advanced Installer 6.0 Release Notes

On November 9th, 2007 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 6.0 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

Starting with the 6.0 version you can import third party MSI packages into your own Advanced Installer Projects for further editing and customization. Switching to Advanced Installer has never been easier.

Updating XML files is now fully supported. Insert, replace or remove elements and attributes. Register your application in XML driven frameworks, patch XML configuration files and update XML formatted information.

Enjoy faster installer development and quicker package build times with Advanced Installer's new ability to cache and reuse unchanged archives.

New features
  • Importing 3rd party Windows Installer MSI packages
  • Updating XML files: insert/replace/remove elements and attributes
  • Faster builds by caching and reusing unmodified archives
  • Importing COM+ installation MSIs into existing Advanced Installer projects
  • Support for Driver Install Frameworks for Applications (DIFxApp) version 2.1
  • Storing encrypted digital signature password in project (only for PFX certificates)
  • Support for Unicode SQL Databases Integration (UTF8 with BOM, UTF16 little or big endian)
  • Albanian language localization
  • Bootstrapper passes Microsoft Application Verifier checks for Vista Logo Certification
  • Improved short file name generation algorithm
  • Support for multiple file Copy/Move operations through wildcards
  • Better Updater security by verifying certificates for HTTPs URLs
  • Restore flags and timestamps for decompressed LZMA files
  • Ability to leave archives outside EXE bootstrapper when using LZMA compression
  • Setting Package Type from command line
  • Setting the Current Feature from command line
  • Resetting Digital Signature from command line
  • Creating and removing Environment Variables from command line
  • Customizable columns in the qualifying list views
  • Unregistered Components with empty GUIDs
  • Improved progress display during files transforms
Bug fixes
  • Crash synchronizing two folders with the same target folder
  • Modify/Repair can't be Run when having multiple builds
  • Changing a Feature's "Display" property reverted other changes
  • Double clicking mandatory prerequisites unchecked them internally
  • Crash renaming new folder to "."
  • Renaming build to same name was considered duplicate
  • Duplicated COMs with the same CLSID, context and file were allowed
  • Prevent invalid MSI identifier strings for Feature IDs and Component names
  • Allow empty Feature Title and Description
  • Digital signing failing for PFX passwords containing spaces
  • Bootstrapper crash when an installed parent prerequisite is clicked
  • Bootstrapper won't restart if the last prerequisite initiated a reboot
  • Bootstrapper command line parameters forgotten after reboot
  • Bootstrapper not detecting correctly free disk space on UNC paths
  • Projects named with MSI extensions had issues at build
  • Replacing existing shortcuts or INI files failed
  • Can't sign read-only files
  • CustomActionData not set correctly with different scheduling options
  • Drag&Drop exception in Folders tree
  • Install error for packets with over 25 versions installed side-by-side
  • Can't create file-less packages with the "CAB per feature" option
  • Dialog Editor crashes when deleting an existing dialog
  • Crash in "New Dialog" after deleting a build
  • Failed to import INI keys with values containing "="
  • Crash when saving project after setting target overwrite for multiple files
  • Allow query parameters in updates configuration file URL
  • An invalid Repackager profile could break loading of all other valid filters in user profile
  • SQL script batch file instruction split when using TABs near statement separator
  • Extract Registration Info From Native Library fails if DllRegisterServer doesn't return success
  • SQL Script quote escape sequence for Microsoft SQL Server is different from other DBMSs