Windows Installer Advertised Shortcuts

When an advertised shortcut is launched it validates the checks associated with the key resources. If any is missing it will fix it by running the installation package and installing again all information from the .msi file. Only shortcuts to a resource which is a key member in a component can be advertised. Once a key member has an advertised shortcut pointing to it, the resource cannot be moved to another component. Also, no other resource can be designated as the key member in that component.

Caution!If the "Advertised shortcut" checkbox from the Shortcut Properties Dialog is left unchecked the shortcut will not be created if that feature will be installed as advertised. This means that the only way to add this feature is to manually re-run the installation package in "Modify" mode.

Advertised shortcuts can be used to auto-repair a broken installation when the main application starts. This Self-Healing feature can be enabled by following these steps:

  • add the files and folders of your application to the "Files and Folders" page
  • go to the Organization page and make sure that all the components are under the same feature
  • create an Advertised shortcut to the main EXE of your application
  • build the project and install the application