Windows SDK tools required for creating MSI packages

For creating installation packages with Advanced Installer, the build machine must have some tools installed. These tools are distributed with the Windows SDK and they are:

  • SignTool.exe - this tools is used to digitally sign files by using .PFX certificates
  • MsiMsp.exe - along with "Patchwiz.dll", this tool is used to create Windows Installer patches
  • mergemod.dll - this file must be registered with "regsvr32.exe" in order to use Merge Modules in your installation package
  • MsiZap.exe - with this tool you can remove a broken installation package

The Windows SDK can be downloaded from the Microsoft website. If you don't want to install the complete SDK just for these tools, you can use the Web Setup option. This way you will download only a small executable ("Setup.exe") which allows you to select which features you want to install. For example, the tools contained in the Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 4 are available to download at: Windows SDK web setup. From "Windows Native Code Development" menu select "Tools" feature.

NoteSince it is recommended to use the latest Windows SDK, keep in mind that the identifiers of the features in the Windows SDK change from version to version.

The Microsoft Windows SDKs for newer versions of Windows can be downloaded from the following link: