The Repackager lets you convert your application installer into a new packaging format (MSI, MSIX/APPX, APP-V). The repackaging operation consists of taking an initial snapshot of the system before you install your application and one after, then the results are imported into an Advanced Installer project where you can begin to customize the new installer.

ImportantThe repackaging operation doesn't modify your application.

Overview of the repackaging operation:

  1. Select your installer
  2. Customize the repackaging operation
  3. The Repackager launches the installer on your local machine or a VM and captures the changes done to the system
  4. The results are saved as a session
  5. Import the session results into Advanced Installer and start customizing the new installer(s)
  6. Build and create the new installer(s)

See the Repackager Tutorial for more details.