Configuring the License Server

In order to use an Advanced Installer floating license you first need to install and configure the License Server. A running License Server is required when registering your copy of Advanced Installer.

1. Install the license server

The license server is part of Advanced Installer. You must download and install the entire application on your server machine. Simply copying the license server files over is not enough.

2. Launch the configuration wizard

Launch advinstlicenseserver.exe from the /bin/x86 subfolder of the Advanced Installer install directory.

NoteThe license server configuration process requires Administrator privileges.

3. Set a port number

The first setting is the license server port number. It will be used by client Advanced Installer instances to connect to the server.

Set an unused port number in the appropriate field and press [ Next ] button.

License Server Configuration Wizard

The License Server Wizard will automatically check if the specified port is open. It will also configure the Windows Firewall to allow access to this port. If the port is blocked by an external firewall, an error message will be shown.

4. Specify your license key

If your server machine has an active Internet connection, you can simply enter your License Key and press [ Next ]. The wizard will automatically download the license file and finish the configuration.

If no Internet connection is available, you can use the “I would like to register by email” option. We will require your Computer ID along with the License Key to generate and return you a license file.

Register License Server

5. Register with the license server

With a running license server, you can now register any Advanced Installer instance. Start Advanced Installer, access the “Help -> Register” menu inside the application and select the “by using a license server” option.

Register Advanced Installer

After specifying the license server host name and port number, you can click [ Next ] to finish the registration. Your current Advanced Installer instance will use one of the available license slots.

License Server Address

TipOnce an Advanced Installer copy is registered with a license server, it stays permanently registered. You don't need to re-register every time you edit a project.

NoteCheck the available registered licenses by accessing http://<server>:<port>/admin address in your web browser.