Per-User Subscription licensing

About the Per-User Subscription:

- It applies to all editions: Professional, Enterprise, and Architect.

- Includes all the software updates over the year.

- Priority support via email at supportplus at advancedinstaller dot com.

- Available to purchase only yearly.

A subscription allows you to start using Advanced Installer at the best price available. Once a subscription expires you can no longer use Advanced Installer but you can still distribute the setup package created when the subscriptionwas valid. If you prefer a perpetual license, please check the prices for our one-time purchase option.

Registering with a Per-User Subscription

An Advanced Installer account is automatically created after your first purchase on Existing customers already have an account associated with the email address specified on the checkout page. All your subscriptions and licenses are associated with this account.

Now launch Advanced Installer, go to Start Page and select the option "Log in with your account", and enter the credentials you received via email.

Advanced Installer will automatically register using the highest active edition available in your account.

How does the Per-User Subscription license work?

The Advanced Installer tool allows users to install and use the software on multiple computers or devices. Every licensed user can be logged in on a maximum of 5 (five) devices simultaneously.

If the builds can be triggered by other developers, then you would need a license for each member of the team that works with Advanced Installer (creates, edits, or builds an installer project) or you can use a Team Subscription. If the builds are running independently on the server machine, e.g., there is no developer that can trigger a build, then you don't need a license for the developers.


What is included in priority support?

Users with Per-user or Team Subscriptions have priority access to the support team and can get technical help through a dedicated support email address.