App-V 5.x GUI Editor

The App-V Editor Project allows you to directly edit App-V 5.x packages using Advanced Installer's GUI. Using our high level interface you will be able to configure various elements in the App-V package:

  • Product Details
  • Files and Folders
  • Registry
  • File Associations
  • Services
  • Install Parameters
  • Build options
  • Environment variables
  • COM

When to use the App-V editor?

The App-V Editor is especially useful to perform minimal package changes on the fly. It relieves the burden of having to maintain an intermediate project file.

NoteFor a long term solution which implies complex changes, the recommendation is to migrate to an Advanced Installer project using the App-V Import.

Editing an App-V package

Just open the .APPV file using the Open ribbon option in Advanced Installer or directly from Windows Explorer, configure it and Save the changes when finished.

Editing an App-V package from the command line

Use the TweakAppV.exe tool from the bin/x86 subfolder from Advanced Installer's installation folder. You can read more in App-V 5.x CLI Editor article.