Analytics Frequently Asked Questions

In what edition is available the Installer Analytics?

Installer Analytics is a feature from Advanced Installer, available for all editions, sold as a separate subscription.

How can I enable the Analytics in my setup package?

In the Analytics page you can enable and configure automatic tracking of your application's installs. Each distributed package will send out data to Advanced Installer's Analytics servers enabling you to view reports and installation statistics from all your clients.

NoteYou will get full analytics data, free for one month, by accessing the "View reports” link from the Analytics page. To extend the trial period you can sign up for a free account from our web site

Why the Analytics does not display information regarding the installations?

The Installer Analytics may not display information regarding the installation if:

  • there is a security setting that may block sending data to the
  • In case the only if the user accepts your license terms option is selected for the "Report installation data", the Analytics will not send any in case your application is installed silent or with Basic UI. This is happening because there is no LicenseAgreementDlg displayed.
  • The machine where the setup is running does not have an active internet connection.

How long will it take for collected analytics data to be processed and visible in my account page?

The collected analytics data should be visible in your Installer Analytics account in just a few minutes.

Do I get any errors when the Analytics subscription will end?

No, you will not be prompted with any errors during installation. Just the data gathered by the Installer Analytics will not be visible in your analytics account.