Analytics Page

On this page, you can enable and configure automatic tracking of your application's installs. You get detailed information about which versions are installed more often, what is your upgrade rate, exceptions occurred during installation, OS environment details, the geographic distribution of your users base and much more.

Each distributed package will send out data to Advanced Installer's Analytics servers enabling you to view reports and installation statistics from all your clients.


Track installs using Advanced Installer

Select this option to start configuring automatic tracking for your application. Continue with generating the unique ID that will identify your application.


Generate a new application ID using the “Create a tracking code for this installation” link. This ID will be used to report statistics when the packages created from this project will be installed. It is unique and should not be used in the setup project of another application.

Note If you have an Installer Analytics account then you can generate this code from your account, after logging in.

Report installation data


Always report installation data, regardless of the installing user's actions.

Only if the user accepts your license terms

The installation information will be centralized only when the user agrees to the license terms. After setting this option, the LicenseAgreementDlg dialog will be added in the Dialogs Page, along with an event on its [ Next ] button.

Note In case your application is installed silent or with Basic UI, then the Analytics will not send any data since there is no LicenseAgreementDlg displayed. In this case, you should select the Always option.

Enabled using a custom trigger

Set the AI_IA_ENABLE property from any custom trigger to submit the installation data. For example, you can publish an event from a control.

NoteThe Installer Analytics will be enabled for a package if the AI_IA_ENABLE is set. At run time this property can set to empty and the Analytics will not be enabled. For example, you can launch the package with the following command line : Setup.exe AI_IA_ENABLE=""

Send collected data using a secured connection

Check this option if you want to use a secured connection for sending the data collected by Installer Analytics.

Custom Properties

In this section you can define any Windows Installer Property (public or private) to be tracked by Installer Analytics.

To track a property, click on [Add ...] button and pick any property.

To delete a property from the list, select it and click on [Remove ...] button.

Double click on a property from the list to add or edit a comment.


Display uninstall reason popup survey

When this option is enabled, your setup package will automatically open a feedback page in the user's default Internet browser. In this page, the user can tell you why he decided to uninstall your application, by selecting one of the predefined options or by mentioning a custom reason.

The feedback page will appear to your users after they start and confirm the uninstall process. It is optional, so they can choose not to reply and completely separate from the uninstall process, so it does not stop the users from uninstalling the application.

Free trial and licensing

NoteYou will get full analytics data, free for one month, by accessing the “View reports” link. To extend the trial period, you can sign up for a free account from our website.

Try out Installer Analytics for free in one of the following ways:

  • 30 days free trial, if you didn't create an account - your data during this period, is public
  • 60 days free trial, if you create an account - your data during this period, is private
  • 6 months free if you purchased an Advanced Installer license, including Professional