Java Frequently Asked Questions

How do I configure a Java SWT product installation?

You should start by following the steps from Creating a Java Product Installation. After completing the tutorial, just make sure you set the SWT product's specific configuration requirements:

  • add the SWT .JAR(s) to the classpath
  • add the directory/folder for the SWT JNI library (.DLL) to the java.library.path. This setting can be configured from Java Virtual Machine Tab and it has three possible default values listed in its user guide reference.

Why does my Java service terminate unexpectedly from time to time or when the user logs off?

This may happen because the Java Virtual Machine receives incorrect signals. To avoid this behavior, you can try using the Reduced usage of operating-system signals (-Xrs) option in the Edit JVM Parameters dialog (it can be launched from the Virtual Machine tab).

How do I create an installer for JavaFX applications?

There are a couple extra steps you need to consider after following the related Creating a Java Product Installation tutorial.

  • Make sure the main JavaFX class has this main method signature:
public static void main( String[] args ) {