Installation Status Properties

These properties refer to the installation status:

Property NameDescription
AFTERREBOOTSet after a reboot triggered by a "ForceReboot" action.
CostingCompleteSet when the disk costing is complete.
InstalledSet if the product is already installed.
MSICHECKCRCSWhen set, this property makes the installer perform a CRC check on its files.
MsiRestartManagerSessionKeySet to the session key for the Restart Manager session.
MsiRunningElevatedDetermines if the installation is running with Administrator privileges. Set only on Windows 7 or above.
MsiSystemRebootPendingSet when a reboot of the target machine is pending.
MsiUIHideCancelSet when the [ Cancel ] button is hidden.
MsiUIProgressOnlySet when the installation shows only a progress bar.
NOCOMPANYNAMESuppresses the automatic setting of the COMPANYNAME property.
NOUSERNAMESuppresses the automatic setting of the USERNAME property.
OutOfDiskSpaceSet when there is insufficient disk space for the installation.
OutOfNoRbDiskSpaceSet when there is insufficient disk space for the installation and rollback is disabled.
PreselectedIndicates that features have already been selected
ProductLanguageSet to the language identifier of the installation language.
ReplacedInUseFilesSet when the package is trying to overwrite a file that is being held in use.
RESUMESet when resuming a suspended installation.
REMOVEThe value of the this property is a list of features delimited by commas that are to be removed. The property is set after InstallValidate action.
RollbackDisabledSet when rollback is disabled.
UILevelSet to the installation UI level.
UpdateStartedSet when the current install starts performing system changes.
UPGRADINGPRODUCTCODESet to the Product Code of the package which is currently upgrading the installed application.
VersionMsiSet to the Windows Installer version used by the install process.