Product Information Properties

These properties refer to product (application) information:

Property NameDescription
ARPHELPLINKContains the technical support URL for the application.
ARPHELPTELEPHONEContains the technical support phone number for the application.
DiskPromptContains the string displayed by a message box that prompts for a disk.
IsAdminPackageSet if the current installation is running from a package created through an administrative install.
LeftUnitDetermines if the units are placed in the left of the number.
ManufacturerContains the name of the application manufacturer.
MediaSourceDirSet when the install uses a media source (CD/DVD-ROM).
MSIINSTANCEGUIDIndicates that the product uses a transform which changes its Product Code.
MSINEWINSTANCEIndicates the installation of a new product instance through instance transforms.
PIDTemplateContains the string used as a template for the PIDKEY property.
ProductCodeContains the product code used by the package. The Product Code needs to be changed for major upgrades, but it should remain the same for patches.
ProductNameContains the product name used by the package.
ProductStateSpecifies the install state of the package.
ProductVersionContains the version used by the package. Windows Installer uses only three version fields for the product version. If a fourth field is specified, it will be ignored.
UpgradeCodeContains the upgrade code used by the package.