Edit Java Virtual Machine Parameters Dialog

In this dialog, you can specify the Java Virtual Machine parameters for your Java Application.

Edit JVM Parameters Dialog


You can set the values for the:

  • Initial heap size (-Xms parameter)
  • Maximum heap size (-Xmx parameter)
  • Java thread stack size (-Xss parameter)

You can specify a fixed size for the parameters in Kilobytes, Megabytes or a variable size as a percent of total physical memory. For example, if there are 256 Megabytes of RAM memory installed on the system, specifying 50 Percent of Total Memory for the Initial heap size would mean a value of 128 Megabytes.

You can also specify a minimum and maximum value for these parameters.

NoteWhen creating a Mac OS X package, the memory parameters are calculated as a percent from the value you supplied in the Mac OS X Tab, because on Mac OS X we cannot determine the physical memory's size, so the specified value will be used.

A variable size value (in percents) is the recommended way of specifying these values, as it changes according to the conditions on the target system.

Runtime Options

You can also add some run-time options by checking the corresponding box:

  • Enable asserts in system classes (-esa)
  • Interpreted mode execution only (-Xint)
  • Disable class garbage collection (-Xnoclassgc)
  • Enable incremental garbage collection (-Xincgc)
  • Disable background compilation (-Xbatch)
  • Reduced usage of operating-system signals (-Xrs)

Other Options

Other JVM parameters can be entered directly in the "Other parameters" text field. Use the Smart Edit Control button to insert a reference to a file, folder or property. If a value for a parameter contains spaces or quotes ( " ) some rules must be applied:

  • If a parameter contains spaces it must be surrounded by quotes.
    Example: - my parameter with spaces - must be written as - "my parameter with spaces" -
  • If a parameter contains quotes you have to double them.
    Example: - my"parameter"with"quotes- must be written as - my"""parameter"""with"""quotes -
  • If a parameter contains both spaces and quotes both above rules are applied:
    Example: - my parameter"with"quotes and spaces - must be written as - "my parameter"""with"""quotes and spaces"-

These parameters will be added to the end of the list of parameters generated by the other settings you specify in this dialog.

System Properties

System properties can be easily specified. Use the [ New ] button to create a new name/value pair, the [ Edit ] button to edit an existing pair or the [ Remove ] button to delete it. Don't apply any formatting rules, just enter the plain values, as Advanced Installer will do this for you.