Windows 10 Migration for Enterprises

Ai v16

Advanced Installer 16.0 Released

Packaging Series: Repackaging Blender as MSIX

Installing a test certificate directly from an MSIX package

Custom Actions in Wise Installer vs Advanced Installer

Context menu in MSIX

Msix deployment sccm

MSIX Per-User Deployment via SCCM

Ai v15

Advanced Installer 15.9 Released


MSIX - PackageName vs Application ID


Packaging Series: Java

Environment variables

Environment variables - Wise Package Studio vs Advanced Installer

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Hover: Launching apps inside a MSIX/App-V container


Suites Installer: Wise vs Advanced Installer

Msix deployment options

MSIX Deployment Options

Elevation flag msix

How to set allowElevation flag for MSIX packages


Packaging Series: Google Chrome Enterprise


Cost of Windows 7 extended support?

Ai v15

Advanced Installer 15.8 Released

Ai v15

Advanced Installer 15.7 Released

Ai v15

Advanced Installer 15.6 Released