Msix ready

Which applications are ready to convert to MSIX? Are you curious?

Resume installation after reboot

How to continue with an installation after reboot?

Components and features

How to create components in Advanced Installer. And why you should not bother with it.

Ai v17

Advanced Installer 17.0 Released

Temp folder access

How does MSIX handle the temp folder? And why is it important to know it!

Don't do it series

Always use the app package version and not app version to your package versioning

Don't do it series

Why Your Manually Installed Applications Count Should Be Zero

Ai v16

Advanced Installer 16.9 Released

Useful in packaging

AppData | LocalAppData | ProgramData Explanations, Differences, Use Cases

Don't do it series

Do not delete your Windows Installer folder

Ai v16

Advanced Installer 16.8 Released

Msix per machine

How to Provision and Remove MSIX Packages Per Machine?

Files redirection

How does Files Redirection work with MSIX?


Packaging Series: How to build an MSIX package for an Electron application

Registry in msix container

Registry in MSIX container- the quick way to inspect a registry hive

Ai v16

Advanced Installer 16.7 Released

Cmd in msix container

The fastest way to run CMD inside MSIX and APP-V containers

Msix auto updates

Enable auto-updates for your MSIX packages without publishing your apps in the Microsoft Store

Msix shortcut

How to approach a Start Menu entry in your MSIX package? And what challenges are there?

Ai v16

Advanced Installer 16.6 Released