Ai v13

Advanced Installer 13.7 Released

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Repackager Assistant

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The Case of the Missing Shortcut Icon - App-V 5.X

Ai v13

Advanced Installer 13.6 Released

Direct Table Editor

Pre and Post Build Events

Advanced Analytics for Desktop Applications

ICE Validations and Automatic Fixes for MSIs

VSTO Office Add-ins Installer Packaging and Deployment

Advanced Installer 13.5 Released

Antivirus Whitelisting Pains

Documentation with Project Notes

Google Analytics Integration for Installer Analytics

Advanced Installer 13.4 Released

Advanced Installer Extension for Visual Studio

Installer Analytics 3.0 is live

Testing Installations in Virtual Machines

Advanced Installer 13.3 Released

Mixpanel Integration for Installer Analytics

Installer Analytics 2.9 Release