Msix app installer

MS-AppInstaller Web Protocol — Enable your web-users to launch MSIX installations with a single click

Msix startup programs

The new way of dealing with Startup Application in your MSIX package


Windows Installer Role-based Guide

Ai v16

Advanced Installer 16.5 Released

Building Transforms - Wise Package Studio vs. Advanced Installer


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Migration Upgrade from SCCM 2012 to Current Branch (1902)

Ai v16

Advanced Installer 16.4 Released

Bundles-Wix vs. Advanced Installer

Disable Updates in Google Chrome Enterprise

Ai v16

Advanced Installer 16.3 Released

Recache MST

Packaging Series:Convert VLC Media Player to MSIX

Capture applications which require a reboot

Ai v16

Advanced Installer 16.2 Released

Packaging Series: How to build an MSIX package for Notepad++

How to create an MSI package for an Electron application

Ai v16

Advanced Installer 16.1 Released

AppData Management in MSI/MSIX/APPV

Updates Deployment: Major Upgrade vs Patch